hairbrush paddle on lion's butt
The hairbrush paddle on my butt (Click image to view larger)

Mrs. Lion has been spanking me for nearly two decades. The vast majority of them were delivered with wooden paddles. Recently, at my request, she switched to leather. I find it much easier to take a spanking, even a very hard one, that is given with one of our leather paddles. That shouldn’t be surprising. Leather stings and can sometimes bruise, but it flexes and conforms to my bottom. Wood, on the other hand, doesn’t yield at all. My flesh has to absorb the full force of each blow.

It’s not surprising that I prefer leather. I’m a little more surprised that Mrs. Lion agreed to switch. So far, I haven’t had a sore bottom the day after a leather paddle spanking. I almost always feel the aftereffects of wood for several days after a spanking. Mrs. Lion may prefer leather because there’s no blood during a spanking with leather paddles. I tend to bleed a bit when the wood is firmly applied. It isn’t serious bleeding, just some blisters the paddle creates breaking. Or a little skin cracking from the swelling produced by a firm wood spanking.

A firm wood paddle spanking will cause my skin to swell and feel leathery. There is much less swelling when Mrs. Lion uses leather. I find it a little easier to take leather. It stings less than wood. I think that Mrs. Lion has to work harder with leather. I can get numb and used to the spanking.

Once I’m strapped down to the spanking bench, I can’t move more than an inch or two. I have absolutely no control over what happens to me. Based on what I’m writing now, it seems that Mrs. Lion may be getting soft on punishing me. She hasn’t shown much interest in catching be breaking rules. Her spankings have been much less severe since we moved in February.

apanking for me instead of to me

There’s a subtle difference in the disciplinary atmosphere. In the past, Mrs. Lion used spanking to let me know I broke a rule. I realize that she spanks me because I asked her to. But in the past, she took her role to heart and made sure that I hated being spanked. Yes, I’m turned on thinking about spanking, but receiving one can be pure hell. Mrs. Lion took pride on doing a complete job of making me miserable that I sinned. Punishment was delivered the same day or the day after an infraction. If I had the msfortune of breaking two rules, my spanking lasted at least fifteen minutes instead of ten. I don’t think I’ve been spanked for a full ten minutes more than once or twice since we moved.

Her lack of focus is certainly understandable. She has a long list of things to do here. Even so, it takes about fifteen minutes to set up and deliver a spanking. It takes energy, which is in short supply. Poor Mrs. Lion has been working very hard. Still, we were both happier when she was strict with me. I know that I will regret writing this post because I truly hate being spanked with wood. I also know that we will be happier and feel closer when Mrs. Lion returns to her former, strict self.

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