Our dog has decided to be a night owl. For whatever reason, she does not want to go out just before we go to bed. The lights have to be off and I have to roll over to get ready to sleep. I’ve tried staying on my back, but she consistently waits till I roll over. Sometimes she’ll even wait until later. I get less sleep and then I’m falling asleep at my desk.

Despite being half asleep, I was thinking I should spank Lion today. I’m sure he’s done something to annoy me, although I can’t give an example. Luckily, I don’t need an actual reason. I can just whomp away. He needs to be spanked and that’s good enough.

I straightened up in the living room over the weekend. Lion asked if I could get rid of the extra boxes in the bedroom. I took a few out, but there are more. When it’s finally cleared, the initial thought was to bring in the treadmill from the garage. We should still have room for waxing supplies and maybe a spot for some paddles. I haven’t found the over-the-door shoe holder that I put some of the paddles in. The closet door will be the perfect place for it.

Speaking of waxing, he’s gotten furry again. I don’t really like waxing him, but he likes to be clean. The dog is going for a bath Saturday. Maybe Lion will have a spa day on Sunday. He also needs a haircut. No one told me owning a Lion would be so demanding. They really should put that in the adoption agreement. Unfortunately, I was already in love with him before these things came to light. I was bamboozled. Hoodwinked. Hornswaggled.

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