As you probably gathered from her last post (“I Can Whomp Him With Any Paddle“), Mrs. Lion wasn’t particularly excited to learn that I ordered a new paddle. I guess it isn’t the gift she was looking for. If I’m going to be honest about it, the gift is for me. The big question is, why do I think we need it?

Over the last few decades, I’ve bought or been gifted many impact toys. We have many more paddles, whips, floggers, straps, and slappers than any couple needs. We could supply a decent-sized dungeon. You could argue that there really isn’t anything new for me to add. You’d be wrong.

Our collection consists of wood and rubber paddles, slappers, and straps. We also have a few very nice floggers. Mrs. Lion isn’t fond of them; she prefers paddles. We have a five-layer leather slapper that she unearthed last week. She hasn’t used it.

Over the years, I’ve neglected leather paddles. The main reason is that most are poorly made with two layers of leather and a piece of spring steel between them. It’s adult store crap. Very few quality leather paddles are around.

The main reason for this is that leather, by its very nature, is flexible. To achieve the degree of stiffness required to make a serious paddle calls for multiple layers of thick leather bonded together. I made a paddle like this a long time ago. It was very effective. I have no idea what’s become of it.

Anyway, I did a Google search for leather paddles and found a craftsman who makes the kind of leather paddle I believe will be effective. I ordered one, and it’s on the way. When it comes to paddles, the word “effective” means painful. If I’m forced to think about it, I must admit that I am the architect of my misery. I just ordered yet another instrument that will make me miserable.

Maybe part of it is my long history as a top. That part of me seeks efficient tools to provide pain. As the bottom, I understand that Mrs. Lion will enjoy the efficiency and I will suffer the pain. Stupid lion! Welcome to my world.

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  1. Does Mrs. Lion ever paddle other submissive men who need it. I think she would be in great demand.
    Mr. Lion, what do you crave and like so much about hard spankings?

    1. I do not spank anyone else. I do it for Lion because he wants it and I love him.

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