Blogs may be less popular than they once were. This seems particularly true in the kinky sex corner of the blogosphere. Our readership is up a little, but I’m finding it very hard to find new posts to read. That’s too bad. One of the best features of the Internet is that anyone who wants to put in the work can publish a blog.

Before public networking, most people could not discover new ways to do things. Sex and its many variants were the sole purview of pornographers. With the advent of news groups, forums, and blogs, taboo topics were brought out into the daylight and regular people could learn about them.

This is particularly true of spanking. Before the Internet, you needed to live in a city large enough to support a BDSM club. I was lucky. I lived in New York City, where BDSM organizations and clubs were easily found. Newspapers like The Village Voice published meeting notices and ads for the clubs. That’s how I found other people who shared my interests.

Now, anyone anywhere can read about pretty much any kink they can come up with. Toys of all types, from paddles to dildos, are for sale on mainstream webstores. Google “spanking paddles” and see the amazing variety available for sale. In the old days, I had to wait for big events or flea markets to find new toys. Now, anything I want is just a few clicks away.

Our blog is in its eleventh year. We’ve written over 6,500 posts. All of them are available to read. They represent a journal of our experiences in male chastity, spanking, and domestic discipline. Looking back at my earliest posts, I am amazed at how much Mrs. Lion and I have changed. In our house, a spanking is as routine as doing the laundry or making dinner. It’s become part of our lives.

The reason I decided to write about this is that I’m concerned that we are losing more and more interesting friends whose writings inspired and educated us. I suppose that’s natural. People change and lose interest in things. I wish I could find the new people who have decided to write about their experiences.

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  1. My own blog started in 2005. That is amazing to me that it was that many years ago. It was never anything more than just an occasional “journal” of sexual activities. I started it thinking that I needed someplace to record some of those hot sex scenes that I would likely forget eventually. I did not expect that reading other blogs would lead to a total change in our sex life and relationship. My initial interest in spanking lead me to male chastity and orgasm control. From there it was a short hop to female led relationships. Along the way were many blogs, most of which have expired now. I know it is difficult to find the time and interesting material to write about. I appreciate the outstanding effort that you have made over the years to keep on writing despite substantial difficulties. I also greatly appreciate the contributions by Mrs. Lion. Having the perspective of both sides of the relationship has always been extremely unique to this blog.
    I have 114 blogs in my following list. Maybe 10 are still active.

    1. Author

      My list has shrunk and the still-active blogs post less and less frequently. It’s sad that there seems to be no new blogs with different perspectives. We appreciate your loyal readership.

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