I have been trying to bank extra hours at work to make up for leaving early Friday to take Lion to a doctor’s appointment. When I get off work, there’s usually something that needs to be done, not including unpacking, and when I finally sit down, it’s time to get back up to make dinner. My coffee break is used for doing chores; today was starting the laundry. My lunch break is also used for chores. We get food deliveries and packages from Amazon on an almost daily basis that I have to bring in and open/put away. Is it any wonder I’m less interested in spanking Lion?

Yes, there will always be something that needs to be done. Always. My breaks and lunches have been spent on chores for months, long before we had to move. The chores have just multiplied with the move. First, it was packing. Now it’s unpacking. I have several boxes sitting around partially unpacked because something was needed. Lion’s mantra of “unpack it and put it right away” works if I know where that “away” is. Sometimes, it’s buried under other boxes. Sometimes, there never was an “away,” and that’s why the house was always a mess.

I’m not on the verge of punching a tree, but I’m heading in that direction. Lion has suggested that I used some of that frustration to spank him. Oh, he doesn’t really want that. I might hurt him for real. Do I have anger management issues? I think I just have a low threshold for frustration. Or maybe it’s actually high, and I have a lot of frustration. In either case, I won’t be whomping Lion in the heat of it.

That said, I do owe him some swats. He forgot to get his pills the other night. And, of course, tomorrow is punishment day. He’s been doing better getting his pills, and he also put on his necklace that he stopped wearing when his allergies were bothering him. Two wins for the Lion. Two wins for me, too, since I don’t have to swat him when he behaves.

I also have to work on the length between orgasms. It was unintentionally long last time. Between unpacking and one of us not feeling well, we could not get anything going. We did try once, a few days before his last orgasm. It was an experiment to see if he needed the Edex anymore. Spoiler alert: he does. But it was fun trying anyway.

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