New Toys

New floggers
These are the three new floggers that Lion ordered from China ( Lion tied knots in the end of the long, string flogger.

I’d forgotten that Lion ordered some new floggers from China. I mentioned I was searching for smaller floggers that I could control more easily. My pet took up the task and yesterday they arrived.

They are not very mean, but they are essentially what I was looking for. The smallest, which Lion said just came along with the set, is a perfect ball flogger. It’s a pocket flogger, although when Lion’s balls are available I usually don’t have any pockets on. It appears to be made of vinyl strips so it stings a lot. The next size up has suede tails. Its handle is fairly heavy and out of proportion to its size but it will be able to deliver a decent blow. The larger one has tails similar to the drawstring of a hooded sweatshirt. It feels a little more thuddy than the other two. It’s a nice addition to my arsenal.

None of these were meant as punishment devices. I do all Lion’s punishment swats with either the rosewood paddle or a wooden spoon. I was looking for a shorter flogger so I didn’t wind up wrapping around the side. I wanted to concentrate the swats in a specific area and the larger floggers weren’t working well for me. Not to say that I won’t use them ever. I just wanted alternatives. It’s similar to my reasoning for using a crop instead of a paddle when I want most of the blows to land in a tiny area on Lion’s butt. The added advantage to both a crop and a flogger is the whooshing sound they make before contact. I don’t know if Lion hears it, but it’s a very nice sound.

Obviously I had to try out the floggers last night. I didn’t do a long session. I just wanted to see if they did what they were supposed to do. Lion verified that they weren’t very mean and that the little one was, in fact, a nasty way to treat his balls and his cock for that matter. Eureka! While I may still need a heavier flogger to prove a point, these are a step in the right direction.