I Can Whomp Him With Any Paddle

When Lion asks if I will do a post on a given day, he implies I have something to say. I usually don’t. Then I have to come up with something. So here goes.

I don’t think my reaction to this morning’s post was appreciated. We’re getting back into punishment, and Lion mentioned that he bought me a new paddle as a surprise. I asked if we (I) really needed a new paddle. Surprise! I bet he didn’t expect that.

I thought I made a pretty good dent in his buns the other night when he forgot to get his pills from the bathroom after his shower. It was the first “real” spanking in a long time. I alternated between rapid-fire and slower swats, harder and lighter. He was howling most of the time. I even got the very beginning of a blood spot. I used leather paddles – two, I think.

I didn’t expect bruising. I just wanted him to know that I could still deliver a ten minute (or 30 seconds less than that) spanking, and I could still hit hard. I hadn’t forgotten how. I guess it’s like riding a bike. I’m sure it would have been bloodier if I’d used wood or rubber paddles. Leather was fine. We’re easing our way back into it, although I’m sure it didn’t feel like easing to Lion at the time.

He didn’t get his pills last night either. However, he didn’t shower so he wasn’t in the bathroom. I see no reason to make him walk any further than he has to. He was having trouble seeing for a good portion of the day. Does he want to get spanked today, punishment day? Want is a strong word, but I’m sure he does. I don’t want to promise anything, but I might be able to accommodate him. [Lion — What a gal!)

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