Spanked For A Reason

I have just one explicit rule and managed to break it on Wednesday. I am supposed to fetch my pill packets every night before dinner. I forgot on Wednesday night. Mrs. Lion spanked me on Thursday. It was almost a full ten-minute spanking; she stopped thirty seconds early. I was yelping and kicking my feet. There is no dignity when on the spanking bench.

Being spanked for a reason is different. Mrs. Lion works harder to make her point and chooses paddles she knows I dislike. I got the message. She reminded me that this was what I asked for. She was right. It is exactly what I need.

Some readers have commented that it seems unfair to beat me so soundly for such minor offenses. It isn’t. Consistent, severe punishment works. It teaches me to do what I am told. That doesn’t mean I am submissive and treat Mrs. Lion as my mistress. She’s my life partner. Her role hasn’t changed because she can punish me.

Now that we’ve begun domestic discipline again, I expect to be riding the spanking bench frequently. The big question is whether or not it will be for a reason. We both get more out of it when the spanking is earned. I’m waiting to see what new rules are on the horizon.

what about sex?

I have been pretty horny lately. The problem is that I get tired after dinner and often snooze. Apparently, my “Wheel of Fortune” naps signal Mrs. Lion that sex isn’t going to happen. I can’t help it if Pat Sajak puts me to sleep. The Edex box sits unopened on my nightstand.

The problem is that I’m the only one interested in sex. Mrs. Lion’s libido isn’t working. She’s kind enough to get me off but needs to rely on my signal for sex. Snoozing during “Wheel of Fortune” apparently isn’t the right signal.

Of course, she’s been tired and achy lately. She has to unpack all of the boxes, cook, and clean. It’s a lot for her. Getting me off may be too much for her right now. I feel too demanding. I need and want way more from her than I ever did in the past. I try my best not to ask for more than I absolutely need. Maybe sex is a luxury I should do without.

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