Uh Oh! I’m In For It Now

lion's spanked butt

A couple of days ago, I put the Edex on my nightstand. It was my unsubtle way of hinting that I wanted an orgasm. Mrs. Lion didn’t take the hint. Two days have passed and I haven’t been spanked either. Are we falling back?

Well, on Wednesday night, I did it. I forgot to get my pill packets from the bathroom. Mrs. Lion got them for me but did not comment. Also, there was no spanking after dinner, which surprised me a little.

Wednesday was an unusual day. Someone cut the main fiber optic cable feeding our part of the world. Even though we have two different Internet suppliers, both were out when we woke up. Our cell service was also nearly dead. When I finally got through to our T-Mobile tech support, I learned that they buy their Internet in our area from Comcast, our other supplier. Service was finally restored at 2:30 PM.

Since she couldn’t work without the Internet, Mrs. Lion made good use of the time and unpacked more boxes. Unfortunately, my ham radios were not yet unpacked. If they were set up, I could send emails and get information via the radio. I think Mrs. Lion hurt her shoulder doing the unpacking. That explains why my bottom and penis went untouched.

On Monday night, Mrs. Lion gave me a leather paddle spanking. It didn’t last ten minutes but had me yelping and trying to escape almost as soon as she started. She said that she was hitting a lot harder. Yup, I agree. A ten-minute punishment spanking is going to be pure hell for me.

Mrs. Lion wrote that she figured I would forget my pills twice before her paddle finally got through to me and that I should remember to get them. My first lesson is coming up. It’s true that if she is sufficiently serious about spanking me, I learn more quickly. A “Just Because” spanking is one thing; a ten-minute lesson is another. She may not spank me while angry, but she knows that the best way to teach me is to make me realize that breaking a rule has serious consequences.

This is exactly what I asked her to do. Even though it’s fully consensual, it still makes a very strong point that eventually trains me to do whatever it is I’m being punished for failing. That’s the odd thing about adult spanking. It may have sexual overtones and be something I want. It still has the power to make me change. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work to cure smoking, drugs, cheating, or drinking. Those problems are too deep-seated to yield to the paddle. But it absolutely works when it comes to chores, manners, and attitude. At least, I think it works on manners and attitude. Mrs. Lion hasn’t tackled those issues yet.

It would be interesting to hear from women who spank their partners. Mrs. Lion is one of the very few who writes about her side of the paddle. I’m not talking about blow-by-blow descriptions of beatings. I’m referring to how they feel about punishing their husbands and how effective they think it is in changing them.

I know that when Mrs. Lion consistently and strictly applies her paddles, I change. I don’t consciously try to change. It just happens. I think that Mrs. Lion likes seeing that happen.

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