Sex and/or Punishment

We did not use Edex last night. I assume that means we’ll use it tonight. It’s also punishment day. Lion reminded me like he’s supposed to. Normally, that would get him out of a spanking, but the other day, I said maybe we should go back to spankings on punishment days. The purpose of having set days was to get us (me) into the habit of punishing him. Since I’ve clearly gotten out of practice, it seems I need a refresher course. Lion can use one too.

I never liked to punish him on the same day as sex because I thought it sent mixed signals. Is he in trouble enough to be spanked, but good enough to have sex? To me, there’s a conflict. Never mind the fact that his buns will be burning when I’m trying to get him off. I don’t think Lion likes this “rule”. In fairness, he has had sex after punishment with no issue.

If he’s fine with having sex and punishment on the same night, I’m fine with it. The only question I have is which happens first? I like to spank him when he gets out of the shower. If I wait, it’s likely to be forgotten. Unfortunately, the same is true of sex. To muddy the waters even more, since we’ve stopped eating lunch, we tend to be hungry so we’ll have celery or olives to tide us over. Lion is usually in bed, trying to stay warm and then, inevitably, he falls asleep.

It’s not all that complicated of a problem. We just have to decide what to do. Obviously, things happen, so our decision can’t be steadfast anyway. Things will have to revolve around whether Lion is even horny on any given punishment day.  And if we decide spanking comes first, maybe he won’t be horny afterwards. Problem solved. Sort of.

I’m open to either. He’s the one who has to endure the beating and then be okay for sex.