wife scolding husband

I don’t know if you’re interested in the details behind this blog. If you aren’t, skip this paragraph. Our blog uses WordPress content management software to deliver our content. This is free software that we installed on a cloud server. We pay WordPress for some services that support us. They handle backups and subscribers. When you subscribe to this blog, WordPress manages your subscription and sends you notices of new posts. A couple of weeks ago I moved our site to a new server. In the process of the move, WordPress lost our subscriber list and view history. I’ve been writing numerous requests to their support team to help restore our data. No luck. WordPress used to host our blog. It was very expensive, and WordPress has a habit of shutting down adult content bloggers without notice. We moved to a server we rent . So, here we are, frustrated once again by WordPress. Their software is great. Everything else sucks.

Enough of that. We tried a shot of Edex on Tuesday night. It didn’t produce a very good erection. I hope it isn’t because the drug is losing its ability to give me a boner. Mrs. Lion tried oral sex without much luck. We plan to try again tonight or tomorrow.

Mrs. Lion has decided that she needs to be more active when it comes to spanking me. She’s threatened to spank me on every punishment day (Mon, Thurs, Sat). I’m pretty sure that she won’t. Follow-through isn’t her strong suit. There’s something to be said for keeping that promise. I’m not saying that I want at least three spankings a week. I am saying that if Mrs. Lion uses these scheduled punishments constructively, it can help us both.

We both know that Mrs. Lion has a great deal of trouble punishing me for things I do that annoy her. I get it. There’s a lot of emotional baggage tied up in that sort of discipline. We both agree that it might be useful if she could do it. What if we tried a little twist on the punishment day spankings? Instead of just strapping me down and paddling me, maybe strap me down and tell me about the things I’ve done that annoyed her. It isn’t that she will be spanking me for those things, not directly. It might help us both connect punishment with offenses that bother my lioness.

I’m not claiming that this will be easy for her. However, it will be useful for us both. What do you think, Mrs. Lion?

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