Spanking, Sex, And Subscriptions

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I’m writing this on the day after Christmas. Mrs. Lion spanked me on Christmas day.  There wasn’t much blood, but there was a lot of yelping. She said her shoulder was sore. I couldn’t tell by the strength of her swats. She was in rare form. Later, we had our turkey dinner. There was no sex, just two well-fed, tired lions; one had a sore bottom.

There’s a chance we will have some sex today, a Boxing Day treat for me. Something to look forward to later today. Yum!

I’ve been wondering if, after all of the weight we’ve both lost, Mrs. Lion could do over-the-knee spanking. It’s more idle curiosity than any sort of need. OTK would simplify the process for her since she wouldn’t need to get the spanking bench down. On the other hand, it might make it more difficult to swat me. Neither of us has any childhood OTK memories, so there is no emotionally valuable reason to change the way we do things. Just curious. I’ve never experienced OTK.

In my experience, curiosity, sexual arousal, and any desire to control how, where, and when I’m spanked, disappears within a minute or two of Mrs. Lion applying her paddles to my bottom. Curiosity and suggestions are reserved for times like this when I am some distance from the paddle.

Mrs. Lion almost never takes my suggestions to heart. She doesn’t even discuss them. That’s fair. Spanking is completely under her control, and she will spank me the way that works best for her. My only job is to make my bare bottom available for her minstrations.