In Panties Every Day. I Have To Remind Her!

a lion wearing panties

This morning, before Mrs. Lion started work, I reminded her to select panties for me. She picked a black pair with a semi-open front and some lace elsewhere. I don’t like wearing them. The lace is rough and irritating. I asked her to switch, and she gave me a soft thong instead. It’s much more comfortable. It’s made of a silky fabric that feels nice against my cock and balls. I don’t mind the back strap in my crack. I barely feel it. Thongs and G-strings seem to fit me better than women’s bikini panties. Enough with the underwear report.

Mrs. Lion read my post from yesterday (“Free Food, Panties, And Probably Another Spanking Very Soon“) and agreed that things do go better between us when she is actively in charge. I think she liked the idea of spanking me without needing a pretense. I don’t think that will change the value of disciplinary spankings. I am certainly smart enough to understand the difference. I hope Mrs. Lion will be as strict in her no-pretense spankings as when she punishes me. Speaking of that, it’s been three days since my last spanking, and I still have two sore spots.

We both do better when things are consistent. If we don’t keep things up on a regular basis, we tend to forget about them. That’s why Mrs. Lion made her panty-reminder rule. She said that she wants to have me remind her every day until it becomes a habit for her to put me in panties every morning. It isn’t that I have a strong panty fetish. It’s just that this is something that is humiliating to me and fun for my lioness.

The same is true for spanking. She hasn’t told me to ask her to spank me. I assume that she has a plan for frequent paddling sessions. Who knows, maybe she plans mouth soaping too. As I recall, she enjoyed that unpleasant (for me) activity.

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