Free Food, Panties, And Probably Another Spanking Very Soon

I was alone most of Saturday. Mrs. Lion was off visiting a friend. She promised to be home by four so we could go to the casino for some slots and dinner. Waiting for her at the front door were a couple of packages. One contained some new thongs for me.

We examined them, and Mrs. Lion selected a pair for me to wear to the casino. It was more of a bikini brief. It felt fine to wear, though a little embarrassing. The legs and waist were trimmed with lace. I hoped no one would see me in the men’s room when I had to pee.

There was an hour’s wait at the sushi restaurant in the casino. We played a nearby slot until the restaurant paged us. When they did, and we went to the host stand, we were told that we were paged by accident. No table was available. They offered to seat us at the sushi bar and give us a fifty-dollar credit. Free food! Of course, we accepted. Mrs. Lion joked that I never turn down free food. Duh!

In addition to the panties, the jeans I ordered from Lands End arrived on Saturday, too. To my surprise and delight, they were baggy and too big. Wow, that was the first concrete sign my diet was working. I set up a return, and Lands End is replacing them with the smaller size.

We ended up losing (of course) at the slots but got a nearly free meal. Maybe it wasn’t exactly a fair trade, but we had a good time and an evening out. On Sunday morning, I asked Mrs. Lion if she wanted me to remind her to put me in panties. She said that was a good idea.I guess that’s a new rule: remind her to put me in panties, or I get spanked. Fair enough.

On Sunday my buns were still a little sore. Mrs. Lion smiled when I told her. We talked a little about the recent spanking and panty-wearing. It seems to me that we are talking and touching more. The spanking has the most value, I think. It energizes both of us in different ways, of course. Being spanked makes me more interested in sex and play. It makes Mrs. Lion more aware of her role. I half-joked that my bottom was going to be permanently sore. Mrs. Lion agreed.

I’m fine with that. No, I don’t like being spanked. But I can’t deny that the combination of authority and punishment are things I need. It has nothing to do with curing behavioral problems. I just need it on a very regular basis. I’ve decided not to cover up this need with blather about disciplinary control, etc. Sure, there are things I need to correct. We all have stuff we can do better. And yes, being spanked for behavioral issues is certainly helpful.

I think it’s hypocritical and a little silly to focus on behavioral issues. Let’s face it, serious problems are not solved by domestic discipline. A wife is not likely to want to spank her husband if he is unpleasant to live with. I don’t think most women believe that spanking their husbands is the way to cure drinking problems, for example. Like male chastity, domestic discipline (male being disciplined) is almost exclusively requested by the man who wants to be punished.

I asked Mrs. Lion to punish me as needed. She and I selected spanking as the appropriate penalty. It’s that simple. There are other punishments that I would hate much more, but they won’t have the same effect as spanking has on both of us. Spanking is an odd combination of intimacy and raw power. Even though Mrs. Lion doesn’t have to touch me, the act of spanking is a close, physical connection. I think it’s emotional too. She knows that she is hurting me. I know that she is doing it because I need it. She knows that, too. It brings us closer.

Once we both acknowledge what is happening, we can work on improving our approach. Now that we have agreed that the combination of BDSM, domestic discipline, and frequent spankings improve our marriage, we can proceed without the pretense that we need offenses to provoke a spanking. Yes, I will still be punished for breaking a rule or annoying Mrs. Lion, but behaving will not mean my bottom won’t be bruised. I think this approach is cleaner. It doesn’t put pressure on Mrs. Lion to invent rules. Of course, she can, and I encourage it. I can expect my bottom tanned very regularly. How often is to be determined. Spanking me is good exercise for her. I may find out how it feels to be spanked every day for a while.

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