More Restraint Needed?

I strapped Lion to the spanking bench last night. I couldn’t get the strap as tight as I would have liked. I should have told him to suck in his gut. I know he’s lost weight. I had to stop a few times to tighten it because he kept wiggling. Of course, he had good reason to wiggle. I started off with a leather paddle, but quickly shifted to wood. And I hit him hard.

I don’t think it was as hard as I can hit him. A few swats (I bet Lion thinks most) were definitely harder than others. I wasn’t trying to bruise him. I just wanted him to know how annoyed I was. He wanted me to spank him for annoying me, right? He shouldn’t have been too surprised when I finally did what he asked for.

He started out with two sore spots from the previous spanking. He started wiggling when I hit one of them. Just for fun, I poked the spots with my finger and asked if that’s where it was sore. I didn’t purposely go for those spots, but they were in a prime location. I couldn’t exactly miss them.

He may have to have his hands tied to the spanking bench too. The past few times, he’s tried to grab my leg to get me to stop. Of course, I’m not stopping until I’m done or he uses the safe word. Maybe I need to add extra hard swats or time when he wiggles away or grabs at me. He needs to know he can’t do that.

I did stop before the timer went off, but that was mostly because as soon as I’d land a swat, blood would trickle out. I didn’t want to splatter blood all over the place. I was wiping it off with a tissue. Next time I’ll have to have a washcloth ready.

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