a lion on a treadmill

Lion likes to be humiliated by wearing panties. It doesn’t necessarily have to be panties. I can paint his toenails, and it has a similar effect. The panties, obviously, are harder for him to ignore. He’s been asking me every day if I want him to wear them. There’s no way I’ll remember to tell him without some prompting, so I told him to remind me every day and eventually, it will seep into my thick skull, and I’ll remember on my own.

Along those same lines, Lion has been talking about using the treadmill. I even made a rule that he has to use it at least once a week. I never followed through. However, I told him yesterday that he should use the treadmill during my lunch, while I’m doing some chores, or when I am done with work and doing more chores. He does well with a schedule. I’m not saying he has to do it every day. I’m just trying to get his rear in gear and remind him until it seeps into his thick skull.

He’s looking forward to his next spanking. I shouldn’t say that. He’s looking forward to the idea of his next spanking. I’ve agreed to do more even if he hasn’t done anything wrong. I know he wants sex tonight, but maybe I’ll give his buns something to think about during sex. He did annoy me Friday night into Saturday.

I made plans to see a friend I haven’t seen in at least three years. I told Lion I was seeing her Saturday. Then I told him she had something she needed help with. Friday night, we finalized the plans. Lion got upset because I had told him I wasn’t going. I never said that. He wanted to go to the casino. Pout, pout, pout. You know how I know he was pouting? When I put his eye drops in, I give him two kisses. There was no pucker. I could have kissed the back of my hand and gotten more reaction. Then, we usually say “you mean everything to me” or “I love you more than anything” before we go to sleep. When I said, “I love you more than anything,” he said, “I love you.” More than anything? Apparently not.

Saturday morning, the no-pucker kisses continued. He tried telling me that my friend wasn’t a good friend because she said she’d help us move and then didn’t. She has cysts in her liver that act up every so often and she could barely stand up. She was also a bad friend, according to Lion, because she hasn’t tried to get together for three years. We keep talking about it. This is the first time the stars have aligned.

I thought I had appeased him by promising to be home at 4, but when I called to say I was on the way, he sounded like it was a surprise that I’d come home at all. Again, I ended the call with “I love you” and was met with the silence of the call ending. [Lion — She called AT four to say she was on the way. She got home at about 4:20. No big deal but why I was grumpy.]

Not surprisingly, once we went to the casino, he was a happy camper. We were doing what he wanted to do. All was right with the world. Well, guess what? I’m allowed to do things I want to do, too. And without being made to feel guilty about it. I think that deserves a spanking. Ten minutes? I was so annoyed on Saturday I might have spanked him until my arm fell off, but I think ten minutes will do.

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