There was a comment on my post yesterday, suggesting I get Lion an ankle bracelet to show I own him. I’ve never really been fond of the phrase “own him” or any variation thereof. He’s not my slave. He’s mine and I’m his, but neither of us owns the other. Nevertheless, a long time ago, I suggested he wear a necklace with a lock or something. He said he doesn’t like wearing jewelry. He was leaning more toward wearing a collar, which he did a few times when we went out, but it was obviously very visible, and he couldn’t wear it to work. Hence, my necklace suggestion.

As I was answering the comment, it occurred to me that I don’t care if he likes wearing jewelry or not. Am I not trying to show my power? If I say he’s going to wear a necklace, he’ll wear a necklace. And he will. I just ordered it. It’s a six-sided necklace engraved with “Property of Your Lioness Don’t Forget I Love You!” across the faces. It will be here in a week or two. Done. All I have to do now is make him wear it.

Speaking of making him do things, I’m dragging out the spanking bench this afternoon. He didn’t get a proper spanking last time and he has annoyed me a few times since then. I might even make him sit on that nasty doormat. Coconut husks are very prickly, especially on freshly whomped buns. He might not complain about not feeling a spanking for long once he gets one enhanced with a doormat. Silly boy.

[Lion — Does this mean painted nails, panties, and the necklace? PS: She’s right. I don’t like the idea of wearing a necklace at all, but I love that she will make me wear it anyway. I also wonder if we are back to the old-fashioned, strict spankings.]

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  1. I like this attitude, sounds like Lion does too!
    He does not want to wear a necklace? Make him wear it. This makes us submissives swoon.

    1. She’s made it clear that I will wear the necklace. I’m happy that Mrs.Lion is taking more control.

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