woman talking with dog

I have been thinking about why I ordered a bunch of women’s panties (most still haven’t arrived) and a male G-string. I don’t have an underwear fetish, and Mrs. Lion has never shown any real interest in putting me into panties. Something deeper is going on.

I wrote a post asking for suggestions for ways Mrs. Lion can assert her power other than by spanking me. One reader, Kerry Walker, suggested that she have me wear an anklet or male necklace as signs of her ownership. I don’t know if that resonates with her at all.

Women in FLR’s have often marked their male partners to demonstrate their power. Collars, ankle bracelets, tattoos, and male chastity devices are the most common. The idea is to provide a constant reminder to both people that there is something special happening.

Vanilla couples display commitment visually as well. They display everything except male chastity devices as signs of their devotion. The challenge is to find something that works for both members of the relationship. For whatever reason, spanking works for us. When Mrs. Lion spanks me, we both feel our power exchange. It would be hard for me not to feel it then. Mrs. Lion feels it, too. I’m sure of that. She may not get a sexual charge or a power rush out of spanking me, but it seems to focus her on her role. The more time that goes by between spankings, the less actively in charge she gets.

Right now, it is at a low point. She has been writing about playful ways to assert herself but has made no move to act. Other than spanking, nothing else seems to interest her. This can mean a couple of things. The most obvious is that discipline (spanking) is all that works for her. Seeing me wearing something that signifies her control may not do anything to reinforce our FLR.

Maybe I bore her. Something’s not working. I don’t know what it is. I know there is a problem when she talks to the dog more than she talks to me.

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