Failure is Always an Option

Lion fell again yesterday and hurt his ankle. He has a few appointments this afternoon so I’m playing chauffeur again. It’s easier for me to drop him off at the door and park the car. There’s much less walking involved for Lion.

To my surprise, Lion was horny last night. I figured the pain of his ankle would overshadow any thoughts of orgasm. It turns out I was half right. He was horny and looking for play. When I went all the way to orgasm he was disappointed. Not only because his ankle hurt, but also because I said in my post I was going to make him wait.

How can he be disappointed with an orgasm? Yes, it was “only” a five day wait, but not many men would be disappointed with an orgasm. If I stopped twenty guys of all ages on the street and told them they’d be having an orgasm tonight they’d likely say, “Hell, yes!” They’re guys. Isn’t having an orgasm always on their top ten list?

This isn’t the first time Lion has been disappointed in having an orgasm. Sometimes he just thought I was going to make him wait. That’s fine. I want him to think that. I don’t think he should ever feel confident that he’ll have an orgasm. If he thinks, “Tonight’s the night!” and it isn’t, that’s perfect. If he thinks, “I want an orgasm so bad and she won’t give me one” and I do, that’s perfect too. But if it’s my decision when he gets an orgasm then he shouldn’t be disappointed when he gets one.

I thought I was being nice. I was trying to take his mind off of his aching ankle. I was trying to relieve the stress of being hurt again and not knowing if he can make it to his appointments today without my help. Ironically, that’s why he didn’t want an orgasm.

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  1. We’re strange creatures in more ways than one – especially your loyal readers.

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