Panties and Nail Polish

The other day, Lion bought some new panties. He shared a picture on one of his posts. It’s been a while since I made him wear panties or a diaper. I just haven’t thought about it. Apparently, I should. We have other panties. I guess he thought we needed more because we haven’t been using them. Hint, hint.

I don’t usually think about humiliating him. I guess spanking could fall under that category, but I never thought of it that way. I’m sure if someone saw me punishing him, he would be humiliated. But no one does. Having a license plate that alludes to my spanking him is a little humiliating. I’m not sure which one of us it humiliates more though.

While I was looking for his razor case, I came across the nail polish I used to put on his toes a long time ago. I didn’t pull it out, but if he wants to be humiliated, I certainly can accommodate him. I don’t remember what colors we have, but giving him pretty toes is not unreasonable. Maybe his toes can match his panties. How’s that for a fashion statement?

I guess those are two ways that aren’t painful to show my power. He asked me the other day what I had in mind when I said there were other ways to show my power that weren’t painful. I had no answer. I wasn’t really thinking of any. I’m not sure if he was looking for ideas or if he was reminiscing about the good old days when he bought the panties. Like me, I am sure he forgot all about the nail polish. [Lion — I did.]

I haven’t posted since his latest orgasm. He didn’t give me much cream filling. But he did have a nice orgasm, so I’ll live with it. When he did the Edex shot, I pulled out some plastic clothespins. They are far meaner than wooden ones. Once I started putting them on, he pouted and said he thought he was getting oral sex. He can’t have both? Isn’t this the man who said he needed more play? Just because his previous oral sex didn’t end in an orgasm, doesn’t mean we’ll jump right into sex. No, no, no. If I had gone right for sex, he would have pouted that we didn’t play first.


  1. Thanks for the reminder. My wife is away this week and I made a list of things I planned to do while she is away. Nail polish on my toes is one. Going to do it right now. Pink or red? decisions, decisions.

  2. Non pain humiliation idea #1. Buy Lion an ankle bracelet. Space is limited on anklets, so have it engraved with a short phrase or word, e.g. “Prop. of Mrs. lLion, or your true name (Martha, Leeann, whatever). Or just “Submissive” or “sub of M.L.” etc.
    A subtle slave collar–narrow, with or without ring, or with small engraved plaque. Necklaces for men are very popular today. He’ll make a fashion statement while still being reminded every time he looks in the mirror why and who’s made him announce to the world he is owned by a Mistress/Wife.
    I bought an ankle bracelet for my wife, engraved “Kat” which was her Domme name. And her NC license plate was “DOM MOM”

    1. Author

      A long time ago I suggested a necklace to Lion. He said he doesn’t like wearing jewelry. And then he wanted me to make him wear a collar. I don’t get it. By the way, at the time I didn’t push the point, but shouldn’t he have to wear a necklace if I tell him to?

  3. Absolutely..

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