As directed, Lion was wearing his pink frilly panties when I got home last night. He was clearly uncomfortable so when he asked to take them off I let him. I had no illusions that they would turn me on and they didn’t. The only thing it accomplished was to let him know that I am in charge. Not that it isn’t important, but I’d consider the panties a bust. The nail polish is effective because he can see it but not feel it. He can forget it’s there until he looks at his toes. The panties are just physically uncomfortable. I don’t see an up side to his wearing them.

If I had to rate the last three attempts to show control, I’d say the nail polish is at the top of the list followed by diapers and then the panties. The diapers are at least comfortable until they get wet. If I allow him to change once he’s wet then the diapers will work. He’ll still hate them but they will be tolerable. He definitely has nail polish in his future. I even threatened to buy the colors of the football team we are rooting for in the playoffs. If they make it to the Super Bowl I may paint his toes in alternating team colors. I just know he’s looking forward to that.

I have designated tonight as my orgasm night. I’m still hoping to jump start things. So far I’m not any hornier than I was before I started scheduling orgasms. I didn’t think it would happen overnight so we will continue on with the experiment. Besides, it’s nice to have Lion’s attention. Tonight is also a Lion play night. I was thinking of unlocking him before he gave me my orgasm but I know he thinks I will want to play with him while he plays with me. Actually my thought was that after he gives me my orgasm, assuming I still have any energy left, I could ride him and maybe have another orgasm with him inside me. That way Lion would have some fun and I may have some more fun. I don’t think he’ll disagree with that idea. We’ll have to see how it goes.