I am so glad Lion can still have orgasms. Somehow, I knew he’d be able to. Even though he has gut feelings about things, he didn’t trust my gut feeling about that. Live and learn. However, I have no explanation for the single-boner juice working better than the tri or quad-boner juice.

Regarding the restraints, I swear we got cheap-ish ones with Velcro to use until I found the leather ones. Why I only have two and where the other two came from is a mystery. They worked fine, so I’m not worried about it. Nor am I worried about looking for the leather ones. They’re around here somewhere.

When I was done torturing him with the IcyHot, I untied him so he could move across the bed for oral sex. I was going to leave him untied, figuring that play was over, but he wanted me to keep him locked up. I really should have done it across the bed the first time so I didn’t have to interrupt things. The only issue with having him tied again was I still had less room to “work,” and he wasn’t able to buck toward the end. He sort of squished me with his thighs, which I don’t mind, but I love when he bucks.

I don’t have a specific timeline for playing again. I still have to make my butternut squash soup, and now we’re making chicken soup, too. There are always things to do on the weekend. Our football team won’t have another chance to lose until Monday night so that won’t stand in our way. I bet we’ll find time. How we’ll feel is the only barrier. Lion spent a good portion of yesterday in bed, feeling yucky. Somewhere along the line, I annoyed my shoulder. It’s nothing some Tylenol can’t fix if it acts up again. We’re just old farts. What can I say?

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