About an hour after Mrs. Lion finished work, she helped me get an injection of  Edex. I promptly produced a full erection. Obedient Lion. While I was stiffening up, Mrs. Lion got out some restraints. I have no idea where they came from. They were cloth and closed with velcro. Apparently, our nice new leather restraints are still missing. Anyway, the cloth ones worked well, and I was tied down spread-eagle. The bondage improved my chemically-induced boner.

Once restrained, she applied some IcyHot to my perineum and the underside of my balls. It felt cool, but not heat. I guess the IcyHot was old and lost its kick. Mrs. Lion then got out the maximum-strength spray version. She used that to cover my entire scrotum and below. You can see the effect it had on me in the image above. After a couple of minutes, my balls started burning.

Mrs. Lion took some pictures. This is the first full body image I’ve seen since I started dieting in January. The over 40 lb. weight loss is apparent. How nice! After she finished spray paining (yes, I coined that new word) my balls, she used her mouth to distract me. It worked very well.

Mrs. Lion was uncomfortable with me tied in that location. The footboard of the bed was in her way. So, she stopped sucking and had me move across the bed. She fastened the restraints with me in this new position and went back to sucking. While this change was going on, my balls felt like they were on fire. That seemed to amuse her. I wasn’t a happy camper at all, but I couldn’t do anything about the situation. Once she went back to work with her mouth, I was pleasantly distracted again.

I don’t know how long it took, but I eventually had a nice orgasm. By then, the burning had subsided to a ‘toasty warm. After I recovered and Mrs. Lion released me from the restraints, I took a shower. It felt odd to have a boner and no arousal. However, it’s easier to soap up and clean when hard. Every cloud… The erection lasted about two hours. There was no pain at all this time. It just felt strange walking around the house with my hard penis swaying in the breeze.

We seem to have the dosage correct. Mrs. Lion is learning to work with my chemically-induced boners. I think we are finally back to normal.

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  1. Things are looking up all around! Great to hear you doing well. I love the concept of a 2 hour erection after orgasm.

    1. Author

      It’s not as much fun as you might think. It doesn’t feel unpleasant, just odd to have a boner without arousal. I have to admit I like it.

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