Information is starting to come out about my 2024 health insurance options. One very interesting change is that my coverage includes sexual dysfunction drugs for both men and women. My current (2023) plan covers Edex, but doesn’t cover generic Cialis or Viagra. The new plan covers both at a rate of six tablets a month. That’s in line with Edex, which is covered for six injections a month. The new plan also covers female libido improvement drugs.

This is a significant change. While good in every other area, my plan refused to cover sexual improvement drugs. I’m unsure what brought the change, but a good deal. Maybe there is a growing recognition that adults need sex for good health. Also, generic Viagra and Cialis are dirt cheap. You can get them with coupons from for pennies each. The Edex and the female libido drugs are expensive, brand-name products that are seriously discounted by my insurance.

Our discovery that Edex allows me to have orgasms while Trimix and Quadmix don’t, was an accident. My doctor prescribed the Edex for travel. Trimix requires constant refrigeration. Edex’s active ingredient is in freeze-dried powder form until just before injecting. The product comes in a special cartridge that has sterile saline in the bottom and the powder in a top compartment. Just before use, you press the plunger of the syringe just far enough to force the water into the top compartment. A few easy shakes, mixes the drug with the water, and it’s ready to go. In powder form, the drug is stable at normal room temperatures. I tried the Edex so that we could work out the correct dose. Now, we’re going to use the Edex all of the time.

The months of trial and error we have gone through have paid off. I’m very glad we kept trying. Mrs. Lion has different insurance than me. I wonder if her plan covers female libido improvement. She isn’t really interested in getting her libido back. Maybe it’s a relief to her not to have it. I selfishly want her to get it back. I miss being ridden by her. Now that we are both substantially thinner, lion riding should be easier. With my chemically-assisted boners, we can try other positions, too. Mrs. Lion used to enjoy anal sex.

lion's erect penis

I was looking at the picture of me tied to the bed. It was on top of yesterday’s post. My erection looks very functional. I’m sure it would work well for any penetration Mrs. Lion might want to try. In the past, my inability to keep it up restricted us to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion prefers doggy (lion) style to her being on top. If I can interest her in some penetration, maybe we can go back to positions where I was on top. The possibilities are exciting.

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