Mind: Willing. Body: Meh


The dog has a new, larger run. She zoomed around when I first let her out. Then she started bringing in rocks and twigs. She loves to dig holes, so I knew the rocks were bound to come. I wasn’t really prepared for the branches and twigs. There’s bark and pieces of wood everywhere. I guess I know what I’ll be doing for a little while today.

Lion was still recovering last night from being sick. We didn’t have chicken soup in the freezer. We have a few chickens to make chicken soup, but no soup already made. I might have made the run for Chinese food if my legs and feet weren’t hurting so much from doing the dog run. Wonton soup is essentially Chinese chicken soup. We wound up holding hands and snuggling a bit. I assume he’ll be back in fighting shape tonight. [Lion — I still want soup! No idea why, but I do.]

I suspended the coffee pot rule again yesterday. He was still pretty wobbly, and it didn’t make any sense to make him wobble his way out to the kitchen. I wanted him resting as much as possible. This morning he seems a lot better, so the rule is back in force. Of course, if he does too much and gets tired and wabbly again, I’ll let it go again. Saving me a few minutes in the morning isn’t worth having him struggle out to the kitchen.

Lion also hasn’t been keeping up with the number on the whiteboard. Again, it makes little sense for him to expend energy he doesn’t have just for that. I’d rather have him get back to normal. Then we can play again. I’m not at all sure he’s looking for love. His mind might be ready, but his body may have other ideas. We’ll wing it until he’s good to go.

[Lion — I feel better, but not very steady or amorous. I am very wobbly today.]