Is This A Conversation Starter?

Fall is here. That doesn’t mean a lot where we live. For the most part, we have clouds, some rain, and temperatures in the 40s and 50s from late September through May. Then we get 80-degree days and 50-degree nights. We get occasional hot/cold spells, but by and large, we have two seasons: spring and summer. It’s spring, nine months of the year. This is due to our peculiar location. Our climate is Mediterranean.

I’m not complaining. Even though the daytime temperature topped 100 this summer, we didn’t need air conditioning at night. A University of Washington climate scientist predicts that we will be largely unaffected by climate change for the next hundred years. That’s the weather for today.

We watched our favorite football team lose on Thursday night. We wanted to watch the game later than its start time. Amazon Prime saves the game for later replay. We were annoyed to learn that Amazon starts their coverage over an hour before kickoff, and there’s no fast forward available in their streaming app. Ugh! We gave up and joined the game mid-second quarter. Mrs. Lion and I are discussing the possibility of finding a new favorite team.

You may have noticed that I’ve been writing about lots of non-sexual stuff lately. Since it costs about $11 for me to get a boner, we’ve cut way down on sexual activity. I think Mrs. Lion is relieved. Her libido is gone, and servicing mine isn’t much fun for her. Now, I can feel guilty about spending money as well as being a chore for my lioness. She’s never asked me to give myself a boner shot.

When this topic comes up, she says that it’s up to me to decide when I want a shot. I disagree. Yes, it makes sense that I should want an erection, but when I get one, it means work for her. Because erections require an expensive injection, I’m very reluctant to get one on “spec.” Mrs. Lion needs to be prepared to do something with it. It isn’t like when i got hard without this help. My insurance covers 18 Edex shots every ninety days. If we do one a week, we use thirteen. There’s room for some extras.

I’m also wondering if the compounding pharmacy can provide the single-ingredient serum. It would be a lot cheaper than the Edex. It would also open up the possibility of more erections. Right now, we don’t need more.

I don’t think that we’ve figured out how to have a sex life, given the changes in both of us. I suppose we could just give up.  That’s what a lot of couples do. I’m sure that Mrs. Lion would like that. I’m enough trouble without dealing with my sexual needs. I’m not sure how I would handle it. I have enough new limits in my life without having to deal with the loss of sex, too.

Using Edex has delivered a surprise benefit. I’m delivering a normal amount of semen with each orgasm. Mrs.  Lion likes that. I have a theory of why I’ve changed. When a man gets hard, a cavity opens up below the base of the penis. During arousal, semen fills it. Ejaculation causes muscles to contract and forces the semen from the cavity and out of the penis. I think that before using the boner serums, my erections weren’t full enough to create the cavity. When I had an orgasm, there was little to nothing to ejaculate. That’s my theory.

I also think my ED may be psychological. I don’t have any obvious physical condition that would cause my problem. Age, of course, makes sexual functions more difficult. I think that the one-way nature of our sex life is a big factor. I’m grateful that Mrs. Lion provides me with sexual release. Over time it gets increasingly clear that sex isn’t something we share. It’s something that Mrs. Lion provides.

The first sign of this issue appeared when I could no longer get off from a handjob. My body just quit enjoying it enough to orgasm. Fortunately, my old favorite, oral sex, worked fine. Still, it may have been a signal that something important was missing.

I have no idea what we can do to change that. I don’t even know who we can ask. I suspect that we both need to be more sexual and vocal about our kinks. For example, Mrs. Lion almost never tells me that I’m going to be spanked. She’ll tell me that I forgot to do something, but that’s all. The only place she talks about anything sexual or kinky is in her posts. She doesn’t even answer my morning emails.

That means we are asexual except for the short time just before and after I do a boner shot. Verbal or physical foreplay is absent. One reason I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me in a chastity device (in 2013), was to force the issue of us getting more sexual on a regular basis. It worked well until it stopped working.

I admit it. I’m at a loss. There must be something I/we can do to fix this. Maybe I just have to give up. I don’t know. Oh, one more symptom: Mrs. Lion reads my posts but never uses them to start a conversation. I have to pry reactions out of her. I’ll ask her if she read it. She’ll say, “Yes. It’s good.” That’s it. If that’s her reaction to this post, I think it’s time to give up. We’ll see.