Those Pesky Boners

clothespins on penis head
Tiny, dollhouse clothespins on the head of my penis are incredibly painful, yet I stay hard as a rock while I suffer. Click image for a larger view.

Okay, boners are a strange topic in the Male Chastity journal. But it is something, that for me at least, keeps coming up. I couldn’t resist the pun. Erections appear for two main reasons: sexual arousal (my personal favorite), and involuntary nocturnal erection. While I am in my cage, an erection doesn’t get too much opportunity to express itself. The head of my penis presses against the side and end of the cage and the cage itself moves away from my body. The result is nothing like the uncaged boner, but it is unmistakable. My cage isn’t painful when I try to get hard. I am not awakened when I have one in the middle of the night.

painful clamps on scrotum
Even though I have very painful clamps on my scrotum, I have a raging boner. Go figure! (click image for a larger version)

My problem comes when I am out of my cage. When Mrs. Lion teases me I get nice and hard and react appropriately as she arouses me to the edge of orgasm. So far so good. But when I am pushed a bit too far (ruined orgasm), my boner is gone and won’t come back, at least within a half hour or so. This surprises me. My understanding is that a male usually retains his erection or gets it back immediately after a ruined orgasm. This may be an individual issue or perhaps due to my age. It is inconvenient for Mrs. Lion when she accidentally pushes me too far. I guess in this case the problem isn’t my boner, but my lack of one.

Another time when my boner gets me in trouble is when Mrs. Lion is applying clothespins or other painful pinching devices to my balls. I really want them off! The problem is that my cock contradicts me and stays rock hard even through the most intense pain of all, tiny doll house clothespins on the edge of the head (see photo). This situation reminds me of a scene in the sitcom “Becker,” in the scene a teenage boy is complaining that he gets erections at odd, often inconvenient times. He says, “I even got one doing chores around the house. Now my mom thinks I like doing them!.” It’s hard to convince Mrs. Lion that I am in terrible pain when my cock is rock hard. It really hurts, but obviously part of me really likes it. Good thing Mrs. Lion usually ignores my whining. In fact, one of the hardest things for me to do is to stop complaining when something hurts. She and I can both see that my penis likes what she is doing.

In some ways, being caged offers the opportunity to avoid the performance  pressure of being hard when I think I should be, but for some reason I’m not. It also can be very frustrating when I am highly aroused and can’t express it. When freed, my boner gives me problems too. It betrays some inner enjoyment of sensations I think I want to stop. How can you take my complaints seriously when you can clearly see my arousal? Boners can be a problem for a poor old lion.

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    Clothespins on the head are really painfull. Sometimes my mistress does this to me and I have a hard time enduring this, but as with you I’m able to keep erect the whole time.

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