What Are You Willing To Show?

Over the years, I’ve noticed that women who post naked pictures on Twitter (currently known as “X”) almost always limit their exposure to their breasts and bottoms. Very few show their vaginas, and none expose their faces. I can certainly understand why faces aren’t shown. Most of us want to protect our identities. I think you’ll agree you are unlikely to identify a particular woman on the street based on a naked picture on Twitter or other social media. Female sex bloggers also seem to follow the same pattern.

It’s easy to understand why faces are omitted, but why is it somehow less naughty to show breasts and butts? Years ago, I asked one woman who posted breast and rear views. Her answer was, “I don’t like how I look down there.” That reason never occurred to me. I wonder if this is why most women who are happy to show their bodies keep their vaginas covered?

I always thought it was because they believed they were being more sexual and provocative if they displayed the main target of male lust. I figured that a lifetime of keeping boys and men away from it also extended to showing images. No matter what the reason, there is an indisputable reluctance to show pussy.

That seems a little odd to me. Guys seem to prefer looking at boobs and butts. I started to think that the absence of between-the-legs shots had more to do with what their audience wanted than any personal preference. No, I don’t think so. After all, a frontal image that goes from the thighs to the neck is indisputably sexy. Something else is going on.

There is a belief that online services will censor genital images, even cancel the account of a person publishing them. That’s not true of most social media that allow adult content. Naked boobs and bottoms are just as likely to cause trouble in a family-friendly environment as pussy shots. It is true that some media reject blatant sexuality. Assuming the pose is reasonably modest, that probably doesn’t include a full-frontal nude. Since female arousal is displayed rather subtly, that condition doesn’t seem to be an issue. After all, a turgid nipple could just be the result of a cold room.

We males have a different problem. Media that seems to welcome naked women often has a problem with naked men. Rear views not showing hanging balls seem to be acceptable in most venues that accept female nudity. Frontal exposure is a different matter. WordPress.com, host to many free blogs, will cancel your account if you show a full-frontal view of a naked man. You can probably get away with non-sexual frontal female images.

A lot of women seem to dislike seeing male genitals. They like arms, thighs, backs, and butts, but penises and balls can repel them. Uninvited DMs with pictures of the sender’s hard penis is almost certainly going to turn off the recipient. For that matter, any uninvited nude of either sex is probably going to be unwelcome.

I’ve been told that most women aren’t aroused by seeing naked men. I’m not so sure of that. Mrs. Lion likes to see erect penises. Well, at least she likes seeing mine. I’m pretty sure that if she came across another guy’s erection on a public website, she wouldn’t run screaming from the monitor. I’m also pretty sure that she wouldn’t seek out sites that showed erections.

That makes sense. An erection, by definition, is sexual in nature. Guys don’t get hard in cold rooms. It makes sense that an unexpected image of a hard penis isn’t going to be very well received in most places. It would probably be acceptable to our female readers if images of erect penises, particularly mine, showed up here. This is a website about sex, mainly the male side of it. A female visitor might not want to dwell on the beauty of my boner, but she almost certainly wouldn’t be shocked if she saw it here.

There is a strong difference that this post is trying to expose. Even in places where female genital images are perfectly acceptable, the female publishers of their pictures seem reluctant to show full-frontal nudity. Their male equivalents, like me, are comfortable letting it all hang out, or stick out, depending on my state of arousal. I think we need a little more women’s lib.

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  1. Has the exposure of the female change not really from art which would show more from centuries the female virginal was showen , and now days it be censored funny that region’s can play a part .
    Social media now these days can censore female body and it true that the male body is still taboo refect the other week posted a picture of me the top of the Htv5 now sign of the penis at all message from the site that the picture was under reveiw this was once full-time open to full nudity .
    When a change of government got in censorship, change for the worse .
    Not one facail pictures even need to have privateness and agree that females that don’t fully expose to virginal shots can leave a man pondering (mind tease ) which is great in some sense , World changing Lion .

  2. A lot of women are very self conscious about what we look like “down there”, including me. I think it helps in my case that I’m into humiliation, because being exposed that way remains humiliating to me. If you’re not into humiliation as a kink, and you don’t like what you look like down there, I can see why there are fewer photos. Though I must say being a bit bi helps a gal get over it, because I would never dream of criticizing another woman’s pussy (and in fact enjoy the variety), so it helps you to get over the self-consciousness. Also, having my husband constantly reinforce how good I look, taste, and smell down there (it’s a part of every oral sex session because of my hang ups), also helps.

    I don’t mind guys sending me dick pics at all (I receive a LOT). I process it as a very submissive thing for a guy to do. I wonder if they think I’m “intimidated” or even remotely “turned on” by it. I’m not. It’s just funny. Especially because 100% of the dicks sent to me are considerably smaller than my husband’s.

    1. Author

      Being a heterosexual guy, I’m always surprised when a woman says that she doesn’t like how she looks down there. I love it and can honestly say that it’s a very beautiful thing to behold. You look great!

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