hairbrush paddle on lion's ass

Since I moved the gardens into the pantry, Lion was concerned I’ll forget about them. I haven’t really been taking good care of them lately anyway. Today, I made it a point to check on the water level during lunch. Ironically, it was Lion who forgot something important.

Admittedly, I didn’t think of it until it was after noon, but it’s not really my job to remember. Just to be sure, I checked for his daily email. It wasn’t there. A few moments before this, he tried on a new bathing suit and was happy with the way it fit his butt. I told him his butt would be getting some attention later. He said he meant to send an email. Yeah, well I meant to pick the winning numbers in the last huge lottery, but neither one happened.

Restarting our email tradition was his idea. He even made me a new email address so his wouldn’t get lost in the vacuum that is my regular email. He remembered to set the coffee up. He remembered to give the dog her treat. To be fair, he can’t really forget that. She does a very good job reminding him. I’ll have to make sure I do a very good job of spanking him.

He also wants to try the boner juice again. It seemed to work well last time. I think the biggest difference is there was almost no pain. With the Trimix and Quadmix, he feels various degrees of pain. I don’t know if it’s from the different drugs or how they make the blood rush in, but it doesn’t seem to happen with the solo drug. If we can get one of the injections to work consistently, we can focus all of our attention on orgasms. I know he wants them, and I want my cream filling.

[Lion — Well, the solo drug, Edex (alprostadil), isn’t totally painless, but it is more comfortable to take. It didn’t produce a full erection with our first test but it looks promising. Tonight, we’ll try a larger dose. Initially, it appeared that this drug would cost too much, but it turns out that my insurance covers it, and it may end up being slightly less expensive than Trimix. I wonder if I do the Edex before or after I’m spanked.]

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  1. I think penetration might suffice to give you orgasm. I can be wrong but you can try.

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