Working from home and not doing much of anything else has made me a lump. On both Saturday and Sunday, I did a lot of walking while my family was here. I’m still so tired. I don’t think I’ve been sleeping well, either. Yesterday, I just wanted to stay snuggled in bed. Today, I’m working, but I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation.

Lion wanted to try another shot of boner juice yesterday. Between getting the house ready for company, having company, and resting up from having company, we haven’t done anything sexual. I don’t keep track of how long it’s been since his last orgasm, but I know Lion is obviously very aware. He was concerned he’d never have another orgasm. Once he had one, he wondered if he’d have any more. Questions asked and answered.

It’s strange to me that the boner juice with only one drug is so much more effective for him than either the Trimix or Quadmix. I’d think the combo would work better. Why else would they combine them? One is good, three is better, and four should be the best. Nope. Oddball Lion does better with one drug. I’m wondering if the other two drugs in Trimix were part of his inability to orgasm. They’re probably responsible for the pain, too.

I am happy to report that we seem to have some consistency now. The dosage of .5 ml looks very promising. He gets a nice boner that lasts. And his orgasm drought appears to be over. He’s had two very productive orgasms with that level of drug. I don’t think he’s any hornier than he was with the other drugs. I truly think the villain was one of the drugs in Trimix and Quadmix. I don’t know if Edex is cheaper, but it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and I think it also has a longer shelf life. Win-win-win.

Now that we know he isn’t broken, I can torture him and still collect my cream filling. Yum!

[Lion — It was six days between orgasms! Edex is a lot more expensive than Trimix and Quadmix. It retails for $500 for six doses. Trimix is $145 for eleven. Fortunately, my insurance covers Edex (Go figure!), and I get three six-dose kits for $200. That’s about the same cost to me as the Trimix.)

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