Lion’s Demise

The lion wasn’t feeling well yesterday. He spent the day in bed, watching movies and reruns. He kept apologizing about being a lump. It doesn’t bother me if he lounges around all day. I care if he’s sick. I want to make him better. I did, however, make a misstep on Sunday. I got an ad on Facebook for a cremation service. We see these commercials on TV for life insurance, talking about how expensive funerals are. I’ve always wondered how much it costs for cremation. It turns out to be very reasonable. Thinking Lion might like to know, I mentioned it. Now, since he wasn’t feeling well, he thinks I’m planning for his demise.

Well, I was, sort of. I mean, eventually, one of us is going to kick the bucket. He often thinks he has one foot in the grave anyway. Couple that with being sick, and he was sure I was going to dump him in a garbage bag and put him out with the trash last night. Anyway, I thought it was good information for both of us to have. I wasn’t plotting. I want him around for a long time.

There hasn’t been much going on around here. I was “cleaning” the room we use as a pantry so I could move the gardens in there. It frees up space in our living room, even though we’ll probably never use it. I got the gardens moved, but now the pantry is a disaster area. We gained a living room and lost access to most things in the pantry. Lion keeps reminding me he’s getting furry. Good luck even finding the massage table. My sister is visiting this coming weekend. After that, I can excavate the pantry.

We’ve been eating diet meals from Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice since we canceled Nutrisystem. There seems to be more variety, but I’m sure they’ll get boring pretty soon too. What we need to do is concentrate on portion control. I’ve already been doing that with breakfast. Two Eggo waffles are about the same as Nutrisystem waffles, and they taste better. Of course, it’s easy to read a box and figure out serving size and calories. How many calories are in one hamburger? What’s the serving size? What about homemade chili or stew? We can’t eat diet stuff forever. I guess we could, but I don’t want to.


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