Go Chiefs!

Neither of us particularly likes the Chiefs, but we both hate the Eagles. It’s natural to root against them. I don’t really like the quarterback for the Chiefs. I’m not even sure I know who the quarterback is for the Eagles. All I know is, the Eagles are in the same division as our Giants, so they are our sworn enemies.

Lion wasn’t sure if we were playing our football game today. I was trying to come up with something a little different. In the end, I decided to whomp Lion with probably the meanest paddle we have, but only when the Eagles scored. I figure I’ll be so annoyed that I’ll need to hit something. It might as well be Lion’s butt. With any luck, his butt won’t get too many swats.

We haven’t really talked too much about it, but we’ve got all the fixings for our traditional Super Bowl nachos. Some years I make onion dip, and we munch on potato chips as well. Nachos sounded like enough of a cheat for us this year. I’m very impressed that neither of us has cheated on our diets. Well, I’m impressed with me. I didn’t think Lion would cheat. It was really his idea that we do Nutrisystem. I went along with it because I know I need to lose weight, and it’s always better to diet together. Even with all the chocolate and cookies scattered around, I haven’t been tempted. Okay, I’ve been tempted, but only for a second. That’s not to say I don’t want that huge caloric breakfast from iHop or Denny’s. I just know I have a long way to go before I’m able to have it. Maybe that’s my reward at the end of the rainbow.

One thing I do miss is being able to mindlessly snack while I work. So far, I’ve been able to hold it at bay by chewing gum. It’s sugar-free and has only five calories. I figure I expend at least five calories chewing and blowing bubbles. There you go. That’s my biggest secret about dieting. A whole five calories. Is that technically cheating?