I think Lion is having side effects from his new horny pills. He was sleepy Thursday and not feeling all that well yesterday. Part of the sleeping issue might be because he’s having trouble sleeping at night. It’s a vicious cycle. He can’t sleep at night so he snoozes during the day and then he can’t sleep at night. The pills play a part, but both of us have trouble sleeping on and off.

Since he’s been feeling blah, I don’t know if we can say one way or the other whether the pills are working. I know he said he felt hornier, but he still wasn’t able to have an orgasm. It might be that the drug has to build up in his system before we’ll know. Maybe he just needs to get past the side effects, and he’ll react once his body decides the drug isn’t the enemy. I assume he’ll get past the side effects. Sometimes people have to stop taking a drug because the side effects outweigh the “reward”. I’m not saying he should stop taking them. That’s something he needs to decide.

We stopped getting Nutrisystem. The only Nutrisystem meal we ate 100% of the time was breakfast. We still have a few dinners and a lot of lunches left. I bought a bunch of Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, and Smart Ones meals last week. So far, we’ve only hit one that we wouldn’t buy again. There are a lot more choices than Nutrisystem had. And if we don’t like the meatloaf from one brand, we might like it from another. The calorie count is about the same, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not sure how it works out money-wise. Even if Nutrisystem was a lot more money than eating the diet meals from the grocery store, it was worth it since we stopped eating junk food. I still hear cookies calling me, but now I know I don’t have to eat the whole bag. We’ve been doing pretty well with our cheats as long as we don’t go overboard.

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