Losing Money and Weight

We had plans to go to the casino yesterday. The plan was to go in the afternoon, gamble a bit, eat dinner, gamble a little more and be home early-ish. The plan seldom works out. We were there until 11. I thought I told Lion I was ready to leave whenever he was, and he thought I was having fun and didn’t want to stop me. At one point, the point at which I made the statement, I was up a lot of money. Lion was not. Traditionally, I’m ready to leave earlier than Lion. Truth be told, I’m ready to leave before we get there. I usually lose early on, and it’s less fun when you lose everything in a short time. I was down just before I hit a few big spins, but I would have left anytime Lion was ready. He likes the casino more than I do. Anyway, it was another case of miscommunication.

Before we left for the casino, Lion asked if I was writing a post. I hadn’t thought about it. Being the play-by-play guy, if there’s no play, there’s usually nothing to write about. I told Lion what I was doing was looking into meal kits again. We had been using Hello Fresh for a while. It was a bit expensive, but we get bored with the same old, same old food I make. However, Hello Fresh tends to have the same old, same old meals over and over again. I was trying to find something reasonably priced and, perhaps, ready-made so that we could eat different things. Lion likes fish, and I like spicier stuff. Unfortunately, ready-made meal plans are more expensive. Then Lion got involved. He was advocating for Nutrisystem. Talk about more expensive!

We both need to lose weight. The meal plans are good for portion control. Hence my search for a good meal plan. When Lion suggested Nutrisystem, I said we could just get Healthy Choice-type meals from the grocery store. They have varied meals, and we could both eat the same thing or eat different things depending on what we want. Lion was set on Nutrisystem. We’re doing Nutrisystem. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and shakes. The whole nine yards. And lots of money.

For the record, I don’t consider the “discussion” about meal kits to be miscommunication. I consider it Lion’s propensity for steamrolling. I set out with an open mind, except the thought that Nutrisystem wasn’t on the table because of price, and Lion decided Nutrisystem was the one that made the most sense. I’m sure we’ll lose weight. We’ll also lose weight from our wallets.

[Lion — Actually, Nutrisystem with the discount we got — 53% — is a fairly good deal. The plans Mrs. Lion was considering provided just three or four dinners a week. The Nutrisystem plan provides three meals a day, seven days a week. It comes to less than $200 a week. The Hello Fresh plan was three dinners a week for about $85. The diet plan only requires us to buy veggies. We grow our own lettuce and tomatoes. I would guess that veggies will cost less than $25 a week. It just feels expensive because we have to lay the money out all at once. We both need to lose weight. We won’t do it with buying diet meals at the supermarket. Maybe once we got some weight off, we can try on our own. It’s critical we lose weight.]