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I asked for it. In my post (“The Surprising Reason Why I Need To Be Spanked More Often“), I wrote that my last two spankings seemed milder than Mrs. Lion’s usual. I also (foolishly) suggested that I need much more frequent spankings. Mrs. Lion took my post to heart and brought out the spanking bench after dinner. I don’t know how long the spanking lasted, but it made me do a lot of yelping.

small silicone paddle spanking between my ass cheeks

She used the heavy leather paddle most of the time. We had a brief interlude when she spread my cheeks wide and applied the vicious little blue silicone paddle to the very tender skin on my perineum and between my cheeks. I was lucky that she didn’t spend too much time working there. It was starting to get very uncomfortable. She also used wood paddles to very painful effect.

When she finished, I had some warm, leathery skin on my bottom. I was a little surprised that there is no residual pain. I suppose when Mrs. Lion goes back to using more wood than leather, that will change quickly. I have no doubt that she is only warming up, and there is much worse to come. I think that she is still finding her way. Once she starts feeling her oats, I will be in big trouble. Yeah, yeah, I know, I asked for it. I think it will be very good for both of us.

sex update

I have an appointment this afternoon (Tuesday) with the ED specialist. She wants to check my penis to make sure that the injections aren’t causing scar tissue to form. I want to ask her about two issues. The big one is that I haven’t been able to reach orgasm despite Mrs. Lion’s efforts. It’s approaching 80 days now since my last orgasm. The other smaller issue is that my erections get a little painful, almost as though too much blood is inflating my penis. I know that’s not really the issue since I’ve had much firmer erections without any discomfort. It’s probably an issue with the Trimix.

There’s always the option of giving up sex entirely. I suspect that’s what most men do when problems like this come up. If I give up, how can we keep the intimacy we share now? Whether we admit it or not, my sexual problem is affecting other areas of our marriage. I think that Mrs. Lion’s lack of disciplinary enthusiasm may be connected to my sexual issues. I hope we can separate sex from domestic discipline.

They aren’t directly related beyond the rule that when I’m punished, there is no sex that day. Under the surface, there is a pretty strong connection that we need to sever. Long before domestic discipline began, Mrs. Lion spanked me because of my sexual connection with being spanked. Domestic discipline replaced our BDSM spankings with disciplinary ones.

Even though spanking became a punishment, the sexual connection remained. It didn’t affect the quality of our disciplinary marriage. I am severely spanked for infractions. A big reason Mrs. Lion takes on the role of my disciplinary wife is that she knows I want and need her to maintain a strict disciplinary environment. I think that her current ambiguity is based on her concern that if I’m not able to orgasm, my need for strong discipline goes away.

I’m absolutely sure it doesn’t. If anything, my need is stronger because the powerful intimacy of a disciplinary marriage replaces the sex we no longer share. I need our domestic discipline to stay strong and strict. It provides me with a solid foundation while sexual problems continue to disrupt our lives.

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  1. Although I’ve never had to make such an absolute and binary decision, I believe it could for me if it came to it. I do know if I am denied long enough, it often becomes harder for me to decide between a spanking or an orgasm, if given the choice.

    However, for me there is also a ‘point’….one Rosa understands well……where too long an O-less period will render me cranky, useless, and utterly unable to function at tasks requiring focus and drive. Once I have the O, I become the “lumberjack” ready to fell a forest. So…..for me at least. an O at some point IS necessary and maybe more so than a spanking.

    1. Author

      The big question for me is, what happens when I can’t manage an orgasm?

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