When a man can’t reach orgasm or needs excessive stimulation to get there, it’s a condition called anorgasmia or delayed orgasm. This has been my problem. I figured that I had reached the end of the line and would have to give up sex.

You probably know about Viagra and Cialis. These drugs help some men get better erections. They work by helping the blood flow into the penis. They don’t cause erections. They help when a man is sexually aroused. When that doesn’t work, injections of Trimix or one of its relatives are used. These injections produce erections whether or not the man is aroused. None of these drugs assure that the man will have an orgasm.

Trimax will make me hard. It’s a reliable-but-expensive way to get a boner. Mrs. Lion has been trying to get me off for almost eighty days. I can’t get over the top. I get excited and my Trimix-induced erection gets even harder. After a while, my excitement goes away. It’s like a switch is turned off. I stay hard thanks to the Trimix, but I’m no longer aroused.

I saw my sexual dysfunction urologist on Tuesday and told her about this problem. To my surprise she said that there’s a drug that will probably help. A pill to make me horny enough to ejaculate? Yup, that’s what she said. I never heard of such a thing; a sex pill to make me have an orgasm. Wow!

I picked up the prescription yesterday and took the first dose. The drug is called cabergoline. It inhibits prolactin, a hormone that is believed to affect the male orgasm. It was observed that men who ejaculated prematurely had low levels of this hormone in their bloodstream. Men with anorgasmia had high levels. Cabergoline inhibits that hormone. It was developed as a treatment for Parkinson’s. Baylor University did a study to find out if cabergoline improved men’s ability to climax. It did in over half the men1. That’s what I’m going to try. It’s even covered by my insurance!

Unfortunately, there have been very few studies on the sexual effects of cabergoline. The small studies that have been done suggest that the drug can help with sexual interest and arousal, erections, orgasms, and increased seminal fluid. The drug can have serious side effects that range from headache, constipation, and diarrhea to lowered blood pressure and depression. Report any issues to your health care team.

High prolactin levels in women are associated with lactation. This drug is sometimes used to help with that. There is some evidence that reduced prolactin levels in women also increase libido2. Granted, the data is sparse, but it’s worth considering. I asked Mrs. Lion to get her prolactin levels checked. It seems logical that if a hormone can affect male sexuality, why not affect female sexuality as well?

I took my first dose of cabergoline (2.5mg) on Wednesday afternoon. This dose is half of the typical amount men take for these conditions. It’s standard to start with the lower dose. I suppose it shakes out potential side effects and may turn out to be enough. In the past, I wrote about my poor semen production (“Of Course“). That post was over a year ago. Wouldn’t it be great if these little pills not only increased my libido but also brought back the semen that Mrs. Lion loves so much?


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