Where Is My Orgasm?

I did a lot of climbing up and down ladders over the weekend. I installed a solar powered light over our car charger. I moved one of the Ring cameras closer to the charger. And I replaced the batteries in another camera. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell if the light was switched on until it got dark and there was no light. Lion didn’t like the placement of the solar panel. And the batteries I replaced were just as dead as the ones I’d taken out. Up the ladder again Sunday.

I was achier Sunday than I’d been Saturday. Ladders will do that. I used to be up and down ladders all day at work and my body has never forgiven me. It sees a ladder and goes into full on “you’ll pay for this” mode. Needless to say, I was not happy to have to redo things. Lion seemed disappointed. Fine. I went up the ladder three more times.

Sunday was also drain two of the gardens day. I remember Lion saying “we” were going to garden. I hate the royal we. It usually means me. Anyway, “we” turned on the wax earlier in the day to give it time to melt. “We” drained the gardens, refilled, redrained, re-refilled and fed them. “We” took a bunch of garbage and recyclables out to the cans. Then “we” waxed Lion.

You’d think after all that, “we” would have an orgasm. Nope. I’m not sure what’s going on. Lion, of course, thinks he’s broken. I, of course, don’t. I haven’t paid much attention, but I wonder if there’s a pattern to his brokenness. Does it come in cycles? Maybe every eight orgasms, he has a problem. Maybe it’s tied to a certain number of days or weeks. Phases of the moon? I don’t know. I’m grasping at straws.

Each time he’s been unlocked, he gets hard right away. Yesterday, he was oiled up and ready to go. But then he couldn’t go all the way. Usually waxing gets him excited, with all the fondling and rubbing. And the oil makes it more sensual, I’d guess. Well, he was excited. It just didn’t last long enough to give me my orgasm.

Where is my orgasm? I want my orgasm!

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  1. I certainly hope that Lion appreciates all that you do for him. After the ladder climbing, gardening and trash you still find the energy to wax him and then give him sexual attention. You are a very special woman.
    Does Lion want an orgasm? Is he refraining from letting go? Sometimes I feel like I could orgasm in the first 30 seconds. We generally practice orgasm control and denial for me, so I work hard at avoiding letting go prematurely.
    I can’t think about having an orgasm, or not being allowed to have one without permission, can’t think about orgasm at all so think about work or dinner or whatever to distract me from getting too close. Then sometimes I have distracted too much and lose my erection.

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