Yesterday I moved things around in the bedroom and found a home for our portable air conditioner. Since the hoses go through the window, we’re not able to use our blinds. I put up curtains and we’re looking forward to air-conditioned comfort in the heat of the summer.

We had a grocery delivery and my friend did a Costco run so she dropped off some things too. We sat in the front yard and chatted for a while. It was beautiful outside. Sitting in the sun made me glad I’d just wrestled with the air conditioner and curtain.

For years I ran up and down ladders at work. My body hated me for it. Now, every time I step on a ladder, my body reminds me it doesn’t want to do that anymore. I was sore and tired from only three times up the ladder. I still had to make the bed and Lion asked if I was up for using the coconut oil. Luckily, I figured I had enough energy to play.

I couldn’t figure out why the coconut oil was still liquid when it was sitting on my dresser. The day before yesterday, when Lion was too tired to play, I moved it over to my nightstand. When I picked it up yesterday, it was solid. Apparently, the heat from the TV components near my dresser generate enough heat to melt it. Good to know! However, this time I’d have to nuke it. Thirty seconds is all it takes, generally, to get the coconut oil flowing. Lion doesn’t normally like lube, but he loves coconut oil. I’m not really sure what the difference is. To me, it feels the same. I think I have to reapply just as often as with other lube. It’s slippery. Duh. That’s the point. And I don’t really smell any coconut when we use it. [Lion — I do]

Whatever the case, Lion likes it and that’s all that matters. I slathered it all over his cock and balls and went to work. It’s only been a few days since his orgasm, so I wasn’t sure what kind of result I would get. We both seemed to get sleep the night before so I was hopeful. And Lion did not disappoint. He was hard and slippery and enjoying himself. I thought we’d make it to the edge but eventually, he told me he didn’t think he’d make it any further. He said it felt very good though. I kept stroking him for a bit afterward. Even if we’re not going for gold, I can still make him feel good.

I haven’t decided what we’ll do today but I’m sure we’ll come up with something. If Lion has time, I’ll try cutting his hair. Maybe it’s a good thing he won’t be going out anytime soon. Let’s see how I do. Maybe I’ll have a new career in haircutting.


  1. I’m looking forward to my first haircut. And to giving my son his first haircut. I don’t think he’s looking forward to that though!!

    1. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m one of those guys who sticks with a barber forever. However, I need a haircut and Mrs. Lion will do a good job I’m sure.

  2. yeah, with these haircuts the whole problem now) I don’t know how to tune in))

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