Ruined Orgasm? Big Fun!

ruined orgasm
Last night I had a ruined orgasm after 8 days of waiting. Mrs. Lion felt badly she didn’t give me a full orgasm. I had a very good time.

(Sunday, June 22, 2014) As Mrs. Lion wrote in her Sunday post, Saturday night didn’t come out the way she planned. She watched the video I wrote about in Sunday’s post and decided to talk to me more during her teasing. It was great. At one point she decided to use her mouth. Oh boy, hot dog! I love that. She stopped when I got too excited, a couple of times she told me that I had made her an “appetizer”. I loved learning that I was leaking precum. In the video, the woman congratulated her partner when he began producing it. That was so hot! So was Mrs. Lion’s observations. Finally, she pushed me just a bit too far and I could feel the explosion coming. Then it stopped, but the lava flow didn’t. A ruined orgasm!

It turns out that Mrs. Lion feels badly that my orgasm was ruined. She wanted me to have a full, mind-blowing orgasm last night. I don’t understand that. I loved what she did and the result, while a bit frustrating, was still amazing. In my mind, what happened is nothing I would ever feel badly about. She was wonderful. It was more my fault than hers that I started to come before she expected. I need to warn her. When I feel that pressure building, I have to let her know we are close to the edge. I will do my best to provide that information from now on. What I can’t understand is her feelings of guilt that she didn’t give me what she intended. She will certainly get many more chances. In her post she says she will give me that orgasm today. Why? If she wants me to have the explosive experience, why not wait some more?

I learned something last night: A ruined orgasm takes a lot of the pressure to come off me. Yesterday afternoon all I could think about was how badly I needed to orgasm. This morning I still wish I could have an orgasm, but I am not as intently focused on it. That’s not entirely true. Writing this post has done a good job waking up the now nine-day-yearning I have.  This might be instructive in terms of my ability to handle waiting. Teasing certainly refocuses me on wanting to come. Daily or every-other-day teasing keeps me on edge and wanting. Going more than a couple of days allows the desire to recede a bit. Ruined orgasm gives me a partial reset. I feel less pressure. This is hard to describe. I still want to come very very badly, but I don’t feel the urgency I felt yesterday. Maybe ruined orgasms give me a short vacation from urgency. Wouldn’t that be a shame. Well, the vacation has ended already. I am just as desperate as I was yesterday.

My advice to Mrs. Lion is to make lemonade — you know the expression, when you have lemons make lemonade — maybe you wanted me to orgasm, but instead it got ruined. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You have just extended my no-orgasm, lockup time. Certainly, that’s not a bad thing in the context of my chastity. If you hadn’t said anything, I would have accepted it as part of our play and would have wondered how much longer I will have to wait. You don’t owe me an orgasm at all. I may be a grumbly, whiny lion for a while longer. I will try to be better at that as well. If my grumbling bothers you, tell me to shut up and stick something up my ass. That generally works. Above all, don’t stop what you are doing. What happened last night might be a mistake in your mind, but in my mind it was great chastity play.

Tonight we played again. Mrs. Lion gave me a nice, butt-burning spanking followed by endless tease and deny. If I thought last night’s ruined orgasm made me less frustrated, I was wrong. Wow, did I want to come! Very fortunately, Mrs. Lion had more on the agenda. She began sucking me. She stopped a couple of times just before the point of no return. She’s wrong about not being good at tease and deny; she’s diabolical. She got me so excited my hips were thrusting. This time she kept going and I came into her mouth. True to her word, she didn’t share a drop. I, being a generous soul, was happy to let her have it all.

So now the clock starts again. In three days I will be climbing the walls and humping trees. In five days I will be grumbly again. Poor lion who has a big smile now.