Day Three in Captivity

I took advantage of a break in the weather to move one of our solar-powered security lights. It wasn’t working and our theory was that the solar panel was not able to get enough sunlight. However, I couldn’t get the lights to shine in the correct area in the new location. It looked like rain so I packed everything up and went inside to ponder a solution. By the time the sun came out again, I had my idea and got the light mounted just as it started raining again. Unfortunately, the damn light still doesn’t work but I don’t feel like doing another day of up and down the ladder.

I don’t know if Lion was horny or not last night, but my ladder climbing left me a little sore. We snuggled a bit while we watched TV. He said maybe we could play in the afternoon today. He was very busy with work yesterday. He has a big project to work on. I’ve been doing outside chores when the weather cooperates. Other than that I’ve been doing inside chores and playing the Sims. I have not tackled unpacking yet. That will leave me wiped out and I want to have some energy to play with Lion.

Our state’s governor issued a shelter in place order yesterday. Unless your job is necessary, you should stay at home. This is, in part, in response to the far-too-many people who decided that social distancing meant they should go on vacation and crowd beaches. I mean, come on. If shutting down your company was meant to be a vacation then why are the amusement parks closed? Why are all the vacation type activities closed? Why would you crowd all the hiking trails? Why would you let your kids crowd the playground equipment? I get it. This is an unusual time and kids don’t understand why they’re stuck at home. I mean little kids. Teenagers should be able to understand why you shouldn’t go on spring break as planned. Okay. I’m off my soapbox.

We’re taking this “vacation” to spend time together. That’s because we like spending time together and we don’t have any kids to entertain. I’m sure, if this drags on and on, we might get on each other’s nerves, but we’ll move on quickly. Lion has been sequestered for a long time. He was nervous about me working and bringing death and destruction home to him. Now, he’s still sequestered, but he doesn’t have to worry about me anymore. I think, unless we need more medications, we can augment our supplies through grocery deliveries.

In the mornings, Lion has been working. He’s in his office and I’m all over the place. The house is just big enough to give us space but not so big that we feel alone. One thing I noticed yesterday was that we haven’t been saying I love you as much. Maybe Lion’s right. Maybe we do need to do our daily emails. Maybe we just need to get used to saying it more now that we’re both at home. It’s not that we don’t feel it. We just don’t say it and I’d hate to get in the habit of not saying it.


  1. Saying I love you is important. Forgetting to do so is one of the first steps in taking someone for granted (in my opinion). So I’m glad that you’re going to correct this.

    1. We both felt the absence. We’ve corrected. It feels much better now!

  2. often forgetting is very hard option. and therefore it is so valuable

  3. Author

    I may sneak in the occasional email just to make him smile even though I’m sitting about 20 feet from him

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