Yesterday, I asked (indirectly) whether Mrs. Lion would lock me up again (“Will She Lock Me Up In A Male Chastity Device Again?“). She didn’t answer. I know that she finds the hardware inconvenient to handle. When I’m wild (unlocked), access is easy. All she has to do is call me, and I’m in position, ready for fun. With a male chastity device, she has to unlock it and have me remove the base ring. She doesn’t like doing that. I think she worries about hurting my balls.

I don’t need a male chastity device locked on me to prevent masturbation. I doubt I could get myself off if I wanted to. She trained jerking off out of me a long time ago. The only real benefits of locking me up are that I can’t get an erection or touch my penis. I admit that I do some touching during the day or in the evening. A male chastity device makes that impossible.

Mrs. Lion has never been that interested in whether or not I play with her weenie so long as I don’t ejaculate. I never get close to the edge when I fondle. I wonder if I would be more responsive if I had been wearing the male chastity device. Deprived of stimulation, my penis might be more responsive to her. Or, maybe I would be less responsive because the lack of stimulation lowered my interest in getting off.

There’s something appealing about a complete hands-off policy. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t believe that I could be trained to stop masturbating. It was a normal part of my week. But I am trained not to do it. I’m in my tenth year of not jerking off. Ten years. Wow.

OK, a male chastity device and a strict no-jerking-off rule changed my behavior. Can the male chastity device and another strict rule keep my hands off except to pee or shower? Would that rule make any sense to Mrs. Lion?

Mrs. Lion never engaged in sexual touching. [Mrs. Lion — Never? Ever? I wouldn’t say that. It’s been a long time, and it was probably never as often as Lion did it, but I wouldn’t say never.] She has never had any interest in masturbating or self-stimulation. Come to think of it, most of the women I’ve been intimate with never played with themselves. I wonder if because Mrs. Lion never does any personal sexual touching, she doesn’t imagine I do either.

On the flip side of this conversation, is it useful to require me to play with myself but not ejaculate? You could argue that it would keep the penis in working order, ready for attention from my lioness. Do you see where this is going?

I like sexual control. Wearing a male chastity device is sexual control. So is required self-stimulation. Both ideas appeal to me. It’s daily sexual engagement without requiring Mrs. Lion to do more work beyond making and enforcing the rule. How’s that for a twist on male chastity? [Mrs. Lion — He just wants permission to play with himself. On the other hand, if he primes the pump…. This requires more thought.]

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  1. “He just wants permission to play with himself.” Ha ha!
    Yes, he wants some more sexual activity one way or the other. Once again, I can relate. I am also on a self inflicted masturbation denial, which really is orgasm denial. My wife does not care if I masturbate. She knows that if she does not spank and whip me, I will do it to myself. Less effort for her, but I crave her attention. Like Mrs. Lion, she finds the chastity device to be in the way in the very rare times that she actually wants to touch my penis.
    I had hoped for some sex play last Sunday and by the end of the day there was none as I headed to bed and she continued with some craft project. So in my despondency, I put the steel cage on. She had no idea I was wearing it until the next night. She did ask this morning if I was okay to continue wearing it, actually “is this comfortable?” No, it’s not comfortable, it’s not supposed to be. It’s to remind me of who I wish would own my penis. I crave being controlled, I just wish that she would be the one controlling me, not myself.

    1. Author

      It’s difficult to explain exactly how important sexual attention (or denial) can become. I’m sorry you continue to struggle with it.

  2. I would suggest you wear your most comfortable chastity device for one week. No taking it off!!
    Also, you should encourage all of us “device wearers” to do the same. Kind of a group project.
    Starting this coming Saturday, March 25th, all wearers have one orgasm and then are locked up until the following Saturday April 1.

    1. Author

      Sort of a chastity vacation? Interesting idea. I normally go well past a week without an orgasm. I’m on day 8 today.

      1. Great!
        Now I hope more chastity wearers will comply.

        1. Author

          I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but we aren’t participating in your event. I’m locked because Mrs. Lion wants my hands off.

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