Lion has presented a choice, of sorts, to me. Obviously, I don’t have to accept either one. He suggested being locked in his chastity device or being allowed to jerk off without having an orgasm. In effect, I guess, he’d be edging himself. The experiment is whether either of these ideas would make him hornier/easier to arouse.

When pressed, I told him I could lock him up if he wanted me to. I dislike having to lock and unlock him. I fight with either the cage, the lock or both. That said, I do love a good experiment. However, what I realized this morning is that, just as I’m stingy when it comes to not sharing his cum, I don’t really want to share his weenie either–even with him. Weird, right? [Lion — I don’t know if it’s weird, but it does eliminate a lot of options.]

If his masturbating is out, that leaves the cage. I guess that means I’m locking him up again. (Insert grumbling here) As I was reconciling this in my mind, I wondered how to put my own twist on his twist. What if the length of time he’s in or out of the cage was random? A roll of a die, perhaps. Random number generator. Deck of cards. He’s locked for X number of days. He’s unlocked for Y number of days.

I’m sure Lion had something different in mind. He probably wouldn’t mind being locked for X number of days if it was based on the roll of a die. Six. Damn. I don’t think he’d like a similar roll for being wild. I may be wrong, but I think he wants to go right back into the cage once I’m done doing whatever it was I unlocked him for. [Lion — Yup.]

The problem is that the cage is such a pain in the ass to me. I’ve found myself not wanting to unlock him because I’ll just have to lock him back up again. Yes, I agree it’s stupid to think that way. I don’t know. It seemed like a compromise when I was thinking about it. There’s nothing saying we can’t try it both ways and see if one works better than the other. The cage part, not his masturbating. His weenie is still my toy. Mine, all mine.

[Lion — I wrote my post for tomorrow morning before I read this. It talks about how I feel about being locked. I never liked the idea of some sort of random period for lockup.]

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