I am writing this post midday on Saturday. I still have a couple of sore spots from Thursday night’s spanking. It’s been a while since I’ve been punished. I really hate that word. I get an uncomfortable feeling every time I find it referenced to me. Even writing that I’ve been punished gives me a bad feeling. However, I don’t mind the word “spanked.”

I’ve noticed that other blogs written by men who are spanked almost never use the word “punished.” Spanking is an activity that hurts a lot. It also turns me on to think about it. I have to be dragged screaming to think about being punished. I wince every time Mrs. Lion writes about punishing me. That probably means it’s the right word to use.

I prefer saying that I’m going to be spanked for interrupting her. I know that’s not exactly right. I was punished for interrupting (I winced). My punishment was a spanking. I’d like to claim that saying I was spanked is the same. I know it isn’t. I can be spanked for fun by a friend or lover. I get aroused thinking about a spanking. Referring to my punishment as spanking is a way to sidestep the real meaning of what happened to me.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t necessarily have power over me in order to spank me. I can consent to it because it turns me on. In order to punish me, she has to have real power. To punish me means that she has real control. I may be free to break a rule, but when I do, she punishes me in any way she feels is effective. It’s not BDSM or sex. It’s retribution for displeasing her. If I’m naughty, I’m going to be punished.

I know that a lot of guys will insist that “punish” and “spank” mean the same thing, and that’s why they use spanking to mean punishment. I suspect they are like me and don’t like verbalizing the power they have surrendered. All I know is that when Mrs. Lion says, “I’m going to spank you,” I get a tingle. When she tells me, “You earned a punishment,” I feel dread. That says it all.