I flopped down on the bed next to Lion after work. I told him I needed a minute before I set up the massage table. He asked if I really wanted to do something with him. That usually means he doesn’t want to do anything. He was tired. Me too. To prove it, we both fell asleep. It was 6:45 when we woke up. Dinner was later than usual, but if we weren’t playing, that didn’t really matter.

Lion fell asleep watching Jeopardy. He usually snoozes after dinner. When I’d cleared the dishes and came back to the bedroom, I picked up my iPad. Lion mumbles something about being in it again. Does that mean I can mumble about his falling asleep every time he does it? Of course, it wouldn’t matter. He wouldn’t hear me mumbling. He doesn’t hear me when I’m talking to him, and I don’t realize he’s snoozing.

We watched some TV and Lion fell asleep. The show we were watching ended and it flipped to some show about a hidden treasure and some guy who found it in the ’30s. It was sort of interesting. The theory was that the Apache (I think it was them) stole gold and jewelry from Mexicans and whoever happened to cross their path and buried it. This guy found it. I have no idea how because I came in in the middle of the show. Lion woke up, realized our show was over, and changed the channel. I usually don’t say anything when he does it even though it annoys me. What if I was interested? Well, I was, so I said something. He changed it back. By then, it had become a conspiracy about someone killing the guy and getting away with murder and other people went for the treasure and the government was involved. It was still interesting, but not quite as much.

Anyway, my question still stands. Do I get to give him grief when he falls asleep like he gives me grief about being on my iPad? I know it’s two different things. He doesn’t control when he falls asleep. He may need the sleep. That’s why I don’t wake him up. But he’s still ignoring me like he says I do him when I’m on my iPad. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

[Lion — I don’t think it’s the same at all. I usually don’t know that I fell asleep. It annoys me when I do. I like Jeopardy and I love being with Mrs. Lion. I am fine with her waking me up. I wish I didn’t fall asleep. I can’t help it.]

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