Conference Spanking

No matter how many days there are on the weekend, they seem to get away from me. I have so much to do; I guess I don’t know which way to go first and then I shut down. That’s not entirely true. I did go on a prescription/food run yesterday. I got more fruits and veggies for our diet. Today, I cleaned the kitchen sinks and started laundry. I should have done laundry yesterday. And I should have played with Lion yesterday too. I’m not sure why we didn’t play. We’ve both been tired. That was probably it.

Today, we have football playoffs. Our team is out, so it’s a matter of rooting for the least objectionable team left. Lion hates the Eagles and likes the 49ers. If I have to choose, I guess I choose the 49ers. Neither of us cares what happens in the AFC. This morning, Lion said we have to have our traditional nachos for the Super Bowl in two weeks. Duh! I said that when we first started the diet.

Lion will get eleven swats for each point scored. I guess, if the 49ers are our team, he’ll get eleven swats for every sack on the 49er’s quarterback as well. It might be a bad day to be a Lion. I don’t think we’ll play the game if we watch the AFC championship. That would be too much. Depending on how his buns feel, we might get in some play later on.

I think I’ll either tie his balls up or use clothespins tonight. Vastly different options. I know which one Lion prefers, but he doesn’t always get a vote. He’ll enjoy himself either way. Don’t let him fool you. He may say he hates IcyHot, but who lets me put it on him every so often? [Lion — Lets? Lets? I don’t get a vote.]