I Don’t Want To Be Unfair

Our dog is back with us. She had a compact mass in her intestine that she finally got out. The vet couldn’t tell what it was, but at least it’s gone. Mrs. Lion and I talked last night. Well, I talked and she listened. One of the issues we have is that she doesn’t say much when I try to discuss how I’m feeling. She did find a new recipe for dinner and that was nice. She also wanted to sit on the bed and jerk me off. I told her that I didn’t want that. I hope I didn’t hurt her feelings. It wasn’t my intention. I just don’t like that particular activity.

She’s under a lot of pressure to learn her new job. It’s unfair of me to add my feelings to her burden. She isn’t very demonstrative when it comes to affection and sexual activities. She doesn’t let herself get creative with ideas for things she can do with me. There’s nothing new about that. It’s unfair for me to imagine she’s going to change. The problem I have is that I need some of that creative energy.

I suggested the punishment day spankings. Mrs. Lion is doing them. I suggested the massage table. Well, it’s been used only three times in that many months. I bought better restraints after asking if she would use them. They came out just once. We’ve read about racing stripes on my balls. I’m sure I’ll get that soon enough. All that stuff came from me. Maybe that’s why they don’t get used much or at all.

Mrs. Lion is excellent at adapting and creating. I think she needs motivation. Once she actually does something new and gets a good reaction, she is more energetic. Her challenge is actually doing the research, preparing the scene, and doing it. That takes time and energy. We have the time. She may not have the energy. I don’t want to be unfair. I don’t know what I can do.


  1. I have the same “problem”. My wife does not have the interest in doing things to me, although I am nearly desperately craving it. If I do start something like putting my self in bondage or presented for a whipping she says that she does not like being told what to do and wants to be the one to start something! Of course I have way more ideas of things that are of interest due to all my “research”. Yet, I can’t complain too much because she still manages to surprise and delight me on those rare occasions.

    1. Author

      It’s good that she surprises you.

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