I had Monday off and that threw my week off. Lion told me it was punishment day. Obviously, that meant it was Thursday, but I still had trouble reconciling that today was Friday. Short weeks do that to me. I guess that’s why I forgot to do punishment swats. I won’t catch up with it tonight. Tomorrow is punishment day again.

This weekend is the second to last regular season game for our football team. They started off so well. I think there’s still hope they can get in the playoffs but I don’t expect them to get far if they get there. Since the season is drawing to a close, we’ll have to take advantage of every opportunity to play our football spanking game. Lion had quite a sore butt last time. We’ll have to see what happens this week. The swats per point are up to nine.

Also this weekend is New Year’s Eve. In the past, I’ve given Lion orgasms on holidays. It’s more difficult as it’s taken him longer to get ready for the next one. I’m not sure I can plan on any given day anymore. Not that that’s such a big deal. He’ll take an orgasm whenever he can get one. Good thing I like giving them to him.

As you’ve probably read, we’re coming up on our 6,000th post. It seems crazy to me that we’ve written so much. I guess it’s even crazier that we’ve shared so many intimate details. Who would have thought we’d have kept this up. When Lion suggested locking him in a chastity device, I thought it wouldn’t last long at all. Well, maybe the chastity device isn’t around anymore, but we still are. Craziness. I admit it’s sometimes difficult to come up with things to say (today, for example) but I think it’s worth it in the long run.

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