As promised, I turned on the heater in Lion’s office and set up the massage table. Lion was hungry fairly early so I put some leftovers in the oven, changed the filter in one of our air purifiers and opened the box to look for the directions for putting together a desk chair. We ate dinner and watched Wheel of Fortune. Then we adjourned to his office.

Lion made the comment that he needed sunglasses to combat the overhead light. At the time, I told him I’d turn on the floor lamp and keep the overhead light off. As we played, however, I realized that a blindfold would do the trick. He likes to be blindfolded and it would certainly keep the light out of his eyes. Win-win. Next time.

This time, I still didn’t know what I was going to do with him. My answer came as I was massaging his balls. It had been a long time since his balls had been swatted. I never swat them hard. Lion may disagree. I certainly don’t do it hard enough to cause damage. He doesn’t really like it, but I figure if he didn’t want me to do it, he shouldn’t have asked me to all those years ago. I didn’t come up with it on my own.

I also pinched his boobies. He thinks I’m ridiculous for calling them boobies. He’s a man. He doesn’t have boobies. The very fact that he thinks it’s ridiculous is why I keep doing it. Then I put a clothespin on each boobie. [Lion — I think “boobie” is silly, but if it is to be used, shouldn’t it be used properly? A boobie is a breast. A nippie is a nipple. That’s where the clothespins went.] I don’t know if it was the ball swats or the boobie pinching that got him hard, but he was hard. For a while, I thought I could get him to the edge. Sadly, he said he didn’t think he could get any further “this way.” So we adjourned to the bedroom.

I decided that I’d just edge him and make him wait for an orgasm. Then I decided to give him an orgasm every time we played for the foreseeable future. Starting next time. Lion had other ideas. Lately, the orgasms sneak up on him fast. Consequently, they sneak up on me too. I stopped but too late. I quickly, but perhaps not quickly enough, started again. Lion said it was not quite in time. Sort of a halfway ruined orgasm. I hate that. He does too.

Next time I won’t try to stop. Up the mountain and right over the edge.

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  1. “he shouldn’t have asked me to all those years ago. I didn’t come up with it on my own.”
    I love that! My wife sometimes says to me “be careful what you wish for, you might get it”.
    My wife swats my balls occasionally. I usually don’t like it so much when she is doing it as I thought I would when I asked her to! At those times I have to play some mind games with myself. “This is so hot, she is hitting my balls. Just like I asked for!”
    I also love when she puts clothespins on my nipples. Although the last time she did so it really hurt a lot when she twisted them. Once again, I love the idea, but damn it really hurt when she did it! Okay, now I can’t wait for the next time she does.
    Yes, that is funny to call a man’s breasts boobies but I get aroused by being feminized so I would enjoy it.
    We also use orgasm control. I am only supposed to cum when she gives me permission. She enjoys edging me, I enjoy it too, but sometimes too much and, oops, over the edge. Since I get to orgasm so rarely she has told me that once it starts to happen that I should just let it rip and have a good one. Yep, up the mountain and over the edge.

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