We are 42 posts away from the magic number of 6,000. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m pausing for some needed introspection. Along the way, I learn new things about more than myself. For example, Richard commented:

“Right now I have no keyholder but I wear a device, maybe 5 to 7 days during the week. I have become kinda addicted to wearing one. I switch between four or five that are comfortable as my weekly ‘decoration’.”

He articulated what has to be a major reason a lot of guys choose to wear a male chastity device. Maybe it’s the main reason. There are very few compulsive masturbators. Most men jerk off to relieve sexual tension. They have gainful employment and enjoy positive sexual relations with their partners. The male chastity device isn’t protecting them from themselves. It’s fun to wear. It feels good to know it’s locked around the penis. It looks cool in the mirror. It’s body decoration.

Before I started wearing a male chastity device (I’m cage-free right now), I had a frenum piercing. I liked how it looked and felt. It was my body decoration. During the years I had the piercing, I reviewed male chastity devices. One required the piercing to hold the device in place. It was hot to try them out, but I had no desire to wear any of them full time. Years later (at least ten), I had removed the piercing jewelry and decided to revisit male chastity devices. You know what happened then. We have almost 6,000 posts to explain.

I loved the idea that no matter how horny I got, I couldn’t get relief unless Mrs. Lion gave it to me. I had a very sexy power exchange. My analysis of male chastity started and stopped with that description. It was accurate but not complete. It certainly didn’t describe why many men wore devices even though they had no partners or their spouses weren’t interested.

The sexual game was big fun and the major motive we had for getting locked up. Even guys who had no partners liked to use the device to force themselves to wait for release. I think that focus on masturbation hid the other big reason for wearing the device; it was fun. I like how it feels to be locked in a male chastity device. I never masturbate, so there is no sexual bondage involved in wearing one. It’s just fun. Admitting that destroys the popular bondage fantasies about being locked in a male chastity device. As if any of us believed they were true. Let’s be honest. A male chastity device is male body jewelry. It can be a fun part of a power exchange or just a secret decoration it’s fun to wear.

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  1. I am also in a state of self enforced masturbation prohibition and orgasm control. I have purchased numerous chastity devices, perhaps with hopes that my wife would lock me up and keep the key. She is not interested at all and finds the device restrictive should she ever be inspired to touch my cock. So I lock up for Locktober and enjoy the challenge myself.
    Yes, I enjoy knowing that I am wearing something on my genitals that nobody is aware of. It’s private male body decoration and I like it.

    1. Author

      Nothing at all wrong with that. I think all of us feel that way.

  2. Decorations are different. I think they make more sense when they can be seen by someone else besides the wearer.

    1. Author

      I don’t agree. My penis piercing was for me and me alone.

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