Happy Spanksgiving

spanked turkey2

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. It’s also punishment day in the lions den. We didn’t plan it this way. Every Thursday is a designated punishment day. Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday. For us, at least, it’s Spanksgiving. This one is a little special. I’ve been under the weather for a while. I haven’t been spanked in two weeks. Mrs. Lion agreed to spank me three times a week on punishment days. We’ve fallen behind because of my intestinal bug.

Today is also special because our NFL team, the NY Giants, is playing. It’s going to be a busy day. Chances are good that I won’t be too comfortable sitting down to eat my turkey. Mrs. Lion hasn’t confirmed it yet, but I figure that we will be playing or football spanking game as well. Since the Giants lost last weekend, each point, turnover, or sack costs me 6 swats. Each sack (of the Giants) adds another swat per point/sack. [Mrs. Lion — There he goes again. It’s only six swats per point. I’m not adding a point each time our idiot quarterback gets himself sacked. Three swats per point as normal plus a swat for each loss. Six swats per point. Period.] If you add a minimum five-minute spanking to this, I will have a very sore bottom by bedtime. I’m not complaining. This is fair and expected.

There hasn’t been much sex lately. Mrs. Lion has a little stomach trouble. I hope it isn’t the same thing that I had. When she feels better, I’m hoping for some massage table or oral action. She has four days off for the holiday.

I wrote about my experiences with sex toys (“Sexual Success Stories“). One of my biggest disappointments was the Autoblow. This sex machine is touted as the closest thing to oral sex a machine can produce. I bought (at the time) the newest model. It claimed to use artificial intelligence to simulate a real-life blow job realistically. Nope. It couldn’t even keep me erect. I got an email about a new model that claims to be even better. It includes the ability to adjust the “grip” on the penis. The adjustment is made with a screwdriver. I think this adjustment might help, but still at $200 on sale, it’s a lot to spend on something.

I’m very thankful for my wonderful wife and the good fortune that lets us have so much fun. Happy Thanksgiving from both of us!